Faculty, Administration and Staff Sustainability Pledge

Charge forward and get involved! Take the pledge to become an active participant in helping Dominican University become the “most sustainable University in the Lower Hudson Valley.” Contribute to our campus’ green culture, practice sustainable actions, and impact the environment.  Show your commitment to making a positive difference by taking this pledge:

    Fun Fact: According to the EPA the average American office worker uses 10,000 sheets or about 100 pounds of office paper per year.
    Fun Fact: Screen savers do not save energy.
    Fun Fact: Printing double-sided might cut the amount of white paper consumed each year in half, a savings of 50 pounds (.025 tons) of paper.
    Fun Fact: Disposing ink cartridges into the trash can cause great harm to the environment and to miniature life. Most importantly, carbon black (toner) has been classified as carcinogenic by the International Agency for Research on Cancer.
    Fun Fact: ENERGY STAR certified bulbs use up to 75% less energy than standard lighting, produce 75% less heat and last 10 to 25 times longer.
    Fun Fact: Making your home or office more energy-efficient helps to reduce air pollution and prevent global climate change.
    Fun Fact: According to the Clean Air Council, Americans toss out enough paper, plastic cups, forks and spoons every year to circle the equator 300 times!
    Fun Fact: Buying locally grown foods decreases the distance traveled, otherwise known as 'food miles' and hence, decreases our use of fossil fuels (the primary contributors of global warming). In addition, locally grown produce also supports the local farmers and the economy and often provides fresher, tastier food.
    Fun Fact: By drinking tap water you are saving not only the materials and energy resources to bottle the water, you are also preventing all that waste from ending up in our landfills.
    Fun Fact: The average American office worker uses an average of 500 disposable cups a year. Bring your own coffee mug or water bottle and help to reduce our waste production. Use hydration stations found throughout campus.
    Fun Fact: A leaky faucet can waste 20 gallons or more per day. To report a leaky faucet submit an email to maintenance to let them know about the problem.
    Fun Fact: You can reduce your carbon footprint tremendously by walking instead of driving.
    Fun Fact: Whenever a vehicle’s engine is running, it emits carbon dioxide (CO2), the main greenhouse gas responsible for climate change. And where there’s climate change, there’s also an increase in smog, and a decrease in air quality. When air quality declines, the very health of individuals is threatened.
    Fun Fact: Placing recycling bins in the venue where you are holding your event/meeting will encourage your guests to recycle and reduce waste.
    Fun Fact: Here is a great opportunity to meet new people and feel good about helping the environment. There are a lot of things you can do to help: If you see cans or bottles or garbage on the side of the road or other places, pick them up and recycle them. With enough people helping we can keep our whole community beautiful.
    We ask members of our campus community to be mindful about the decisions they make, and to take into consideration the financial, social, and environmental impacts of their choices.
    Fun Fact: Everyday efforts really do make a big environmental impact.
    Fun Fact: Clothes that are clean and in good condition but no longer fit or have been hanging in your closet since you bought them can be reused. Donations of both men’s and women’s business clothing help young women and men integrate into the business world. Your old suit may be the missing piece to helping someone land a job and earn a living wage.