For decades, technology has been changing the way we work, play, and manage our lives. Today, people enjoy entertainment, socializing, and even working through technological means that weren’t even feasible only a few short years ago. As the world continues to change and new technology becomes available, important industries like public health must also shift and change. Be part of that change through Dominican University’s new health informatics offering — Public Health Informatics and Technology (PHIT).

The goal of this field and our program is to strengthen the ability of public health officials to collect and analyze public health records, leverage the opportunities technology provides public health care programs, make COVID-19 data collection more manageable and efficient, and elevate the diversity in public health’s IT workforce. If you want to improve lives and have a passion for analyzing data and solving puzzles, PHIT is right for you!

Our PHIT offering combines the mission of public health with the growing and evolving field of data science. Through PHIT, you’ll secure career prospects in a field that will only grow. Dominican University offers several educational pathways in the PHIT field including a PHIT concentration with both a Health Sciences major and Information Technology major, a PHIT minor, and a post-baccalaureate certificate in PHIT.

We also understand that employers don’t just want technical skills. They want well-rounded graduates with great soft skills and a good grounding in their industry. So, whether you choose to do PHIT with a major in Health Sciences or IT, we will make sure you get a highly marketable liberal arts training and build those in-demand soft skills too.

As part of your studies, you’ll participate in a paid internship, so you can put your skills into practice in a real-life PHIT environment. To help secure a great position, we’ve gathered a substantial group of consortium members to provide internships for our students, including Bon Secours Charity Health System, CorEvitas, Cornerstone Family Healthcare, EmpiRx Health, Mount Sinai Health System, and the New York State Department of Health. In addition, a dedicated PHIT Internship Coordinator will guide you in your internship placement and help you get the most out of your experience, whether at one of the above listed companies or elsewhere.

Of course, going to a university isn’t just about academics, so we’ve made sure you’ll get the support you need to succeed with your studies while also having fun along the way. If you choose Dominican University, you’ll have the opportunity to join any of a wide range of clubs, really flex your athletic muscles, and take advantage of everything nearby New York City has to offer.

Dominican University is one of only 10 colleges to receive funding from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology to developing a PHIT program. As a result, your education will be on the cutting edge of this new and exciting industry. Also, Dominican University is the only institution in the tri-state area to have received this funding, so if you want to study public health informatics and technology in this part of the United States, Dominican University is the place to be.

We are so excited about your interest in our growing PHIT program. The mark you leave in this industry will have a lasting impact on public health for generations to come.

Do you PHIT?

Do you have a sense of mission to help improve lives?

Do you have a passion for analyzing data and solving puzzles?

Do you have an ability to ‘translate’ ideas to diverse people?

If you answered yes to these question, this program is right for you!

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A fascinating, job-ready public health informatics and technology offering that will open the door to many jobs of the future

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Staff who are committed to your success

The finest small-university athletic program in the region

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The Dominican Difference

Becoming a public health informaticist will open up paths that are literally just coming into view on the horizon – both in private and public sector institutions. Data skills will be key to success and social mobility for today’s students. This is a terrific opportunity to expand career options

Carrie Boericke, PHIT Program Manager


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Job Opportunities

With a public health informatics and technology degree you’ll be equipped to secure any of a wide range of jobs in the health sector. If a role involves handling health information/data, you’ll likely be qualified, and you could also pursue managerial positions within the health sector. Examples of places you might find employment include The Center for Disease Control, hospitals, community health centers, patient advocacy groups, health IT companies and more.

As this an evolving field, many of the job titles you’ll be qualified for haven’t been created yet. However, here are just some of the existing job titles you could apply for once you’ve completed your health informatics course:

Program coordinator

Clinical informatics analyst

Health informatics specialist

Health informatics consultant

EHR implementation manager

Health information technology project manager

Program manager

What You’ll Learn

Public Health Informatics and Technology is a developing field that applies advances in data science to medicine in order to improve public health. It can be used to help communities cope with pandemics, address health disparities in various communities, find trends that enable health professionals to make the population healthier and safer, and prepare communities for possible disasters. You’ll develop skills in data science, data management and project management in the context of your interest in health care and population health.

You’ll begin your coursework with a PHIT course that introduces the program and career options. You’ll examine case studies and how they are used to address communities’ health disparities. You’ll learn how to leverage technology to improve public health. In addition to technical skills, you’ll also fine-tune a wide variety of soft skills. To put your skills to use, you’ll take part in realistic role-play exercises that will call upon your skills to respond to a public health crisis, giving you valuable life-like experiences that will ensure you can hit the ground running in your future workplace.

Degree Details


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The following Public Health Informatics and Technology courses will be available for the 2022/2023 academic year:

  • Introduction to Public Health Informatics (PHIT requirement)
  • Health Information Management
  • Health Information Exchange and Data Literacy (PHIT requirement)
  • Biostatistics and Epidemiology
  • PHIT for Emergency Preparedness and Surveillance (PHIT requirement)


  • PHIT with a health science major — this is a great choice if you’re most passionate about working with medical professionals to improve the public health system
  • PHIT with an information technology major — this is a great choice if you’re more interested in analyzing data and identifying trends, so you can provide quality information to decision makers
  • PHIT minor — if you’re keen to enter the health system in a hands-on or managerial position and you want to develop data analysis and technology skills to support you in decision-making, this minor is for you
  • Post-baccalaureate certificate in PHIT — if you’ve completed an undergraduate health or science degree and are looking to level-up your informatics and technology skills, our post-baccalaureate certificate is the best choice

Department Staff

Carrie Boericke

Carrie Boericke

PHIT Project Manager and Assistant Professor

AnnMarie DelliPizzi Citardi

AnnMarie DelliPizzi Citardi

Associate Professor of Biology, Health Professions Advisor, Coordinator of Health Sciences Program

Mary McLean-Hely

Mary McLean-Hely

Director of Online Education/Instructional Technologist, Interim Coordinator for Information Technology Program

Denise Dawkins

Denise Dawkins

PHIT Internship Coordinator

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