Program Goals, Mission, and Objectives


The mission of the Dominican University Social Work Program, in service to and collaboration with its multiple communities, is to develop generalist social work professionals committed to excellence, leadership and service by:
a. promoting social justice;
b. engaging in ethical practice;
c. engaging in research-informed practice and practice-informed research;
d. advocating for social policies responsive to diverse human needs and
e. advancing knowledge through reflective understanding of self and
compassionate involvement with others.


The Bachelor of Social Work degree program is an upper-division under-graduate program which has as its primary goals:
1. To prepare students to qualify as beginning-level generalist social work professionals.
2. To promote an environment which honors diversity and advances social
3. To provide the foundation for an appreciation of lifelong learning and
advancement in graduate level social work education.
The Social Work Program is fully accredited at the undergraduate level by the Council on Social Work Education.


Graduates of the Dominican University Social Work Program will demonstrate:
1. the application of critical thinking skills;
2. proficiency in communication and analysis, including reading, writing, listening, speaking, and quantitative skills;
3. the integration of bio-psycho-social-spiritual sources of human development;
4. an understanding of the impact of societal stress on diverse and vulnerable
5. analytic skills to assess client systems of all sizes;
6. political skills to engage in advocacy and promote social justice;
7. interactional skills to empower consumers, build helping relationships, develop networks and coalitions;
8. values clarification skills to recognize ethical issues in a range of client systems;
9. skills in identifying, analyzing and implementing evidence-based intervention to
client system goals;
10. a capacity to evaluate and advance one’s own practice through the application of
empirical principles;
11. professional behavior distinguished by the NASW Code of Ethics.