Welcome from the Director


Christopher LibertiniThe Division of Social Sciences educates students in a broad array of knowledge.  Our division includes courses in Criminal Justice, History, Political Science, Psychology, Social Sciences, Social Work, and Sociology.  Through these courses and in conjunction with the University’s General Education Core courses, the Division of Social Sciences provides students with a strong liberal arts education that prepares them for life and meaningful professional work.

Our courses in the Social Sciences examine the global community with a focus on the study of the human experience from an individual, social, historical, institutional, and environmental perspective. By pursuing studies in the different content areas of the Social Sciences, students gain an appreciation for the historical, political, economic, and psychological keystones of societal issues.

At the same time a degree in one of the Social Sciences facilitates the development of valuable skills, including but not limited to: critical thinking, problem solving, communication, information analysis, application of quantitative and qualitative research, knowledge of the scientific method, civic responsibility, ethical reasoning, and a global and cultural understanding of the human experience in contemporary society.

In addition to traditional classroom learning, students pursuing a degree within the Social Sciences have the opportunity to pursue internships, field placements, or service learning, as appropriate within the particular program of study.  From the totality of their experiences as a major within the Social Sciences, students in our division graduate as more responsible citizens of the world with a stronger understanding of the various dimensions and complex cultural interrelationships that exist among people, societies, and cultures.

The following programs of study are offered in our division.

Major Programs Minor Programs
Criminal Justice Criminal Justice Minor
History Ethnic Studies Minor
Psychology History Minor
Social Sciences Gender Studies Minor
Social Work Gerontology Minor
Psychology Minor

The Division of Social Sciences also supervises a number of student clubs, including the Criminal Justice Club, Debating Society, Psychology Club and Social Work Club.  These co-curriculum activities enhance the educational experience, exercise skills developed through program studies, and promote fellowship among students, faculty, and the wider campus community.

Please stop by our office in Casey Hall, Room 18, or contact me directly to discuss the different majors and minors and how each may enable you to achieve your educational, professional, and life goals.  I may be reached conveniently through the following contact information.

Christopher G. Libertini, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of History
Director, Division of Social Sciences
Dominican University
470 Western Highway
Orangeburg, NY 10962