Dominican University is committed to seeing you graduate on time

According to the Department of Education, only about four out of every 10 students will finish their college degree in four years. At Dominican University, we're trying to change that with Finish in 4

It starts with a pledge between you and the University. You commit to actions and behaviors that help you stay on track, and we commit to give you the resources you need to graduate in four years.  If you take the pledge and fulfill all of the requirements but still can’t graduate in four years, Dominican University will pay for the remaining courses. 

Here's what you need to know:

  • Finish in 4 is a voluntary program for incoming freshmen.
  • If you follow the requirements of your program, we guarantee you will have your bachelor's degree in four years.
  • If, after following the requirements, you are not able to graduate in four years, we will pay for the courses you need to finish.
  • You will be paired with an academic advisor who will assist with academic planning and course registration to keep you on track.


View the Student Participation Agreement

Benefits of Finish in 4:

Enter the job market early

You’ll be ready to start working before many of your peers. The University also offers career assistance and support services.

Expert Guidance

A faculty advisor will support you and help you stay on track to finish in four years

Finish with less debt

Four years of college are less expensive than six. (According to the National Clearing House Research Center the typical student takes over five years to finish.) You will be able to limit costs, thanks to a clear academic road-map.

To learn more about how you can Finish in 4 please contact the Office of Admissions or complete the form below.