Dominican University - Moving Forward


Student Life

Student Development is committed to providing opportunities that deliver holistic and strategic support for our diverse student population to encourage growth as individuals, and as members of the Dominican University family. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has created unique challenges that prevent student life programming to occur in the usual fashion, the Student Development Team has collaborated to restructure our approach to student engagement. Alternate, innovative methods will be implemented to provide meaningful opportunities for student involvement, leadership development, and community service. The strategy for the spring semester includes implementing consistent virtual programming and offering a limited number of on-campus experiences for students that adhere to CDC and New York State guidelines.  

Student Activities Programming

Programming in the spring semester will be delivered through a combination of virtual and in-person experience opportunities on a weekly basis. Weekly programming may vary between all virtual and some in-person. When possible, and applicable, on-campus events will be live-streamed in order to provide additional involvement opportunities for students to access remotely. 

When providing virtual experiences, Student Activities will make every effort to mirror the tone and frequency of traditional on-campus programs typically offered. Through these virtual efforts, Student Activities will continue to strive to: 

  • Promote continued student engagement and involvement 
  • Provide an enriching virtual campus life experience 
  • Offer diverse programming options to appeal to various student interests. 

Physical distancing guidelines will be strictly enforced for all in-person events on campus. Face masks or coverings will be a requirement for admission and participation in events. Disposable face masks will be provided to any attendee who does not have his/her own.

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided upon entry and disinfectant wipes will be made available. 
  • Separation of six feet will be maintained at indoor and outdoor event spaces. Signage will be visible to direct flow of traffic. In locations with fixed seating/furniture, including the Granito Center Extension, available seats will be marked prior to the start of an event or moved to allow for adequate physical distancing. 
  • Attendance will be capped at the maximum allowed number of attendees based on space and location of events on campus. 
  • Event staff and attendees must complete an online screening questionnaire at least 24 hours prior to attending an event. Entry will not be permitted for anyone with a fever or showing symptoms of illness. Attendees denied entry will be encouraged to participate in the event virtually, if applicable. 
  • In collaboration with Facilities, on campus event space will be thoroughly disinfected, before and after use. 
  • For certain applicable on-campus events (video game tournaments, escape rooms, etc.), prior event registration will be required for participation to ensure appropriate attendance numbers. RSVP links will be created and sent to students. Waitlists for these events will also be generated once capacity has been reached. 
  • Giveaway events, do it yourself (DIY) or interactive programs that require supplies will be designed with the option for students to pick up items from campus in a "Grab & Go" style fashion. Items will be prepared by Student Activities and students will be provided a time frame and designated pick-up location.  
  • Student outreach regarding all programming opportunities will continue to occur through email notifications, social media, Charged Up!, and the DC Mobile app. 
  • Charger Activities Board (CAB) will hold their weekly meetings virtually for the spring semester. 
  • Off-campus trips will not be scheduled for the spring semester. 
  • Family Day and Fire in the Sky will not be held this year.

Shuttle Services

Sunday Shuttle

The Sunday shuttle will not run during the spring semester.

Evening Shuttle

The evening shuttle will not run during the spring semester. Public Safety will continue to provide transportation to students who are eligible through the Office of Special Services. The driver and passengers will be required to wear a face mask/covering that covers both the nose and mouth during transport.

Student Government and Clubs

Dominican University's Student Government Association (SGA) will hold weekly meetings for the spring semester virtually.  The SGA will continue to work closely with and provide direct support for student clubs.  

The operations of the college's student clubs will occur remotely during the spring semester. 

  • The Clubs and Organizations web page will be updated to reflect the new virtual club operations for the spring semester. Visit for more information.
  • Club Council meetings will be held virtually for the spring semester 
  • There will be no college-related travel or off-campus trips during the spring semester for any student club. 


  • Per NCAA/CACC guidelines: All fall game competitions will be moved to spring semester. No game competitions will commence before January 1, 2021.  The winter sports of Men’s Basketball and Women’s Basketball and Volleyball will move the start date of official practice to December 1. The traditional spring sports will maintain their original spring schedule of competitions.
  • In the fall, all 17 sports will conduct a schedule of training and team practice safely, adhering to the health and safety guidelines provided by New York State, Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference (CACC) and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). These practices can start on Monday, September 14.
  • The CACC is drafting new schedules for all fall and winter sports at this time. When available, schedules will be published on

Fitness Center

The fitness center is only available to current students and employees.

A maximum of 20 fitness center guests will be permitted in the fitness center at one time.

Students and employees who wish to use the fitness center, must sign-up in advance for a 75-minute session. Sessions cannot be extended if a guest arrives late for his/her scheduled session. Sessions can be scheduled 24 hours prior to workout. No fitness or group classes will be held at this at time.

The fitness center will follow new guidelines:

  • Entry to the fitness center will only be permitted though the fitness center door located in the back of the Hennessy Center
  • Employees and students must show their daily screening confirmation prior to entering the fitness center
  • Fitness center guests must wipe down the equipment before and after use with disinfecting wipes provided by the College
  • A face mask/covering that covers both the nose and mouth must be worn at all times
  • Physical distancing signage will be posted and must be followed 


Basketball Courts are available for use with the following restrictions:

  • Only two people per basket
  • Basketball games are not permitted
  • College provided basketballs are not available. Please bring your own ball.
  • A face mask/covering that covers both the nose and mouth must be worn at all times
  • Physical distancing signage will be posted and must be followed 

Hennessy Center showers are not available and locker room access is limited. Anyone visiting the Hennessy Center must swipe their DC-1 Card in order to enter the Center.

Community Engagement and Leadership Development  

The Sister Catherine Howard Campus Food Pantry

The Sister Catherine Howard Campus Food Pantry will be open

Tuesday: 1 pm -5 pm
Thursday: 9 am- 12 noon and 1 pm – 5 pm

The Food Pantry will follow new guidelines:

  • A face mask/covering that covers both the nose and mouth must be worn at all times
  • Every patron will be provided with gloves to use when in the Food Pantry
  • One student staff member will be stationed in the Food Pantry 
  • One student patron is allowed in the Food Pantry at a time
  • Students waiting to enter the Food Pantry must wait in the hallway, while maintaining a physical distance of six feet from other individuals, or make an appointment to return. Visual markings will indicate where to wait in the hallway 
  • The Food Pantry will be disinfected after each student visit  

CELD Programming

With new guidelines and structures in place, the CELD Department will continue to offer many service and leadership opportunities during the spring semester. Although programs will be structured differently and many will be held virtually they will still provide meaningful and valuable opportunities for engagement.

Some of the opportunities offered through CELD include:

  • Meals on Wheels
  • RISE (Readiness Through Integrated Service Engagement)
  • Relay for Life
  • Leadership Guest Speaker Series
  • Charger Leadership Institute
  • Volunteer Student Spotlight

Select events within the CELD Department will be held in-person during the spring semester, with physical distancing and college guidelines in place. 

In person events for the spring semester currently being planned include:

  • Community Cleanup (4/10/21)
  • Relay for Life (4/30/21)
  • Leadership Award Recipient Reception (5/6/21) 

A Weekend of Service program will be offered in lieu of Alternative Spring Break. This is a 2 night / 3 day service-learning, immersion experience with the Romero Center that will take place March 5 - 7, 2021. The weekend will consist of volunteering in the community, engaging in reflection, learning, and disconnecting from technology. Physical distancing policies will be in place including: Attendees will be required to provide a negative COVID test prior to traveling and upon return, wear a mask for the duration of the experience, and will be provided their own sleeping room. Volunteer organizations will be selected based off of the safest options.

For more details about CELD opportunities and events, visit

Corless Lounge (Commuter Lounge)

The Lounge will remain open for student use. 

  • A face mask/covering that covers both the nose and mouth must be worn at all times
  • Disinfecting wipes will be available to wipe down seating, computers, remotes, etc. after use.  
  • Lockers will not be available for use. Students with any items left in lockers from the previous semester will be provided instructions to pick-up items within the first two weeks of the semester.  
  • Physical distancing signage will be posted and must be followed  
  • If physical distancing and college guidelines are not followed, the lounge will no longer be available for use.  

Residence Life

Capacity in residence halls, Hertel, Rosary and Guzman, has been reduced to ensure the health and safety of the College community. Returning students who partook in housing selection in May will stay in their selected room. The majority of new students (Freshmen and Transfers) and returning students who did not go through housing selection may be assigned to a single. There are a limited number of doubles available for new students.  Those occupying suite style rooms will be considered a “family unit.:"  Students requiring housing accommodations in relation to a disability, medical condition or psychological need should contact the Office of Special Services (

A face mask/covering that covers both the nose and mouth must be worn outside of a student’s room/in all public areas inside the residence halls.  Resident students must complete an online screening questionnaire before leaving the residence halls for the first time each day.

At the start of the semester, all lounges and common spaces will be closed. The opening of the lounges and common area will be reviewed regularly. Socialization opportunities will be available in outdoor settings while physical distance protocols are observed.

Residence Life and Facilities will ensure regular, frequent and thorough cleaning and disinfecting of all common areas, including lounges, hallways, computer areas, study rooms, lobbies, laundry rooms, hallways, and bathrooms in accordance with CDC guidelines. Measures include:

  • Disinfecting wipe dispensers in common areas for student use.
  • Hand sanitizer stations available throughout each floor and in laundry rooms.
  • Required face masks/coverings that covers both the nose and mouth when in any shared space (bathrooms, lobbies, laundry rooms, etc.)
  • Clear plastic guards/shields will be installed at all front desks.
  • Designation of communal bathrooms by floor and or module. Storage of personal items within communal bathrooms will be not permitted.

Guest and Visitor Policy

All residence hall guest and visitation policies are suspended. No outside guest is permitted access in the Residence Centers and no student can visit another student’s room. Resident students will only be permitted to enter the residence hall to which he/she is assigned. Guests are defined as any non-resident student. Visitors are defined as Dominican University students who are not assigned to the specific room which they occupy

Resident students are encouraged to stay in the residence halls during Thanksgiving break to reduce travel and spread of the virus. Resident students are also encouraged to limit off campus travel and activities in order to reduce potential exposure to the virus.

Resident students will be required to sign separate COVID-19 agreements to indicate that they understand and will comply with new policies and guidelines. Conduct implications will be enforced for students who do not follow college policies and fines are subject to be doubled. 

Flu Shot

All resident students must receive a flu shot when available. Flu vaccine clinics will be held on campus on multiple days early in the fall season.

Residence Life Staff

Residence Life staff will continue to reside on campus to ensure the safety and security of the students and residence halls. Resident Assistants will maintain the safety, security, and community aspect of the residence halls while maintaining physical distancing and utilizing technology, when available, to keep in contact with resident students. 

Residence Life staff will be trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and on the response to students who are experiencing symptoms or feeling ill. Resident Assistants will receive the majority of their training online during the summer based on current local and state guidelines. Security and Public Safety staff who monitor the residence hall entryways will be trained on new college policies and guidelines.

There will continue to be an “RA On Call” available for resident students M-F 5:00 pm – 9:00 am and 24 hours on Saturdays and Sundays. An “On-Call Administrator will also continue to be available 24/7 to assist with urgent needs of the resident student community.


Residence Life will not host in-person programming during the spring semester. All programs will be held virtually. Residence Life will continue to support in person programs hosted by other campus departments.   

Isolation and Quarantine for Resident Students

If a resident student contracts COVID-19 or is exposed to the virus, he/she will require isolation or quarantine. Students will be encouraged to return home during the period of isolation/quarantine. If it is not possible for a student to return home, the College has identified dedicated spaces, as needed, on and off campus.

If all designated on campus spaces are being occupied, the student will be transported to an off-campus site. Isolation and quarantine rooms will have private bathrooms and contain a thermometer, disinfectant wipes, tissues, soap, hand sanitizer, and toiletries.

If a student tests positive for COVID-19, Dominican University will take the following steps:

  • The student will be assisted to, and isolated in a designated isolation/quarantine room if they are unable to return home. 
  • The Health Center will contact the state and local Department of Health, for guidance regarding surveillance, monitoring and communication to the Dominican University community.
  • Attempts to notify those who may have come in contact with the student will be made. It is strongly suggested that anyone who comes in contact with a someone who is suspected of having COVID-19, self-quarantine and notify the Health Center.
  • The Health Center will provide the names of all quarantined/isolated students to the Vice President for Student Development. The Vice President for Student Development will inform all necessary personnel of the students in quarantine and/or isolation to ensure all the student’s needs are meet (food, health, academics, safety etc.)  
  • Facilities will clean and disinfect spaces where the student visited as well as high traffic and frequently touched areas. 
  • Health Center staff will remotely monitor students daily (temperature checks and symptom screening) and will arrange transportation to an Urgent Care facility, or hospital, for clinical evaluation if symptoms worsen or the student requests to be seen by a physician. The Health Center will clear students for release from quarantine. 
  • Dining Services will coordinate with Residence Life food and beverage delivery to quarantined and /or isolated students.
  • Residence Life and Facilities will coordinate the removal of food and garbage. 
  • Students will be expected to pack enough clothing and personal belongings to last 14 days. 
  • The Office of Counseling Services and Campus Ministry will be available remotely to students in isolation or quarantine upon request.

Students should continue with their studies remotely provided they are able to do so during their illness. Students who are too ill to continue their coursework must contact the Academic Dean’s office.

Campus Dining

On campus dining will be available at the Granito Center (no self-service available). Additionally, contactless catering will be available at both the Charger Café in Casey Hall and at the Granito Center. 

Orders can be placed online through Catertrax or the Boost appand dropped off at a designated space with no contact required. Orders can also be picked up at the Charger Café or at the Granito Center

  • A face mask/covering that covers both the nose and mouth must be worn by anyone entering the dining hall or cafe. Face masks/coverings may be removed only when seated and dining.
  • Physical distancing will be maintained at both locations
  • To allow for cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting both locations will be closed twice each day. Tables will be wiped down and disinfected after each use.
  • Every Chartwells Associate will receive a daily wellness check to include self-reports of illness and a contactless temperature check
  • Every Chartwells Associate is required to wear a face mask/covering at all times and maintain six feet of distancing behind the food preparing stations.
  • Food stations have been fitted with Plexiglas sneeze guards or mobile sneeze guards


In-person meetings will be kept to an absolute minimum and occur only when all physical distancing guidelines can be followed and each attendee wears a face mask/covering. 

Emails, phone calls, instant messaging, teleconferencing, and videoconferencing should be the norm. IT will provide technology solutions as needed 

College ID/DC-1 Card

All faculty, staff, and students are required to wear their Dominican University ID whenever on campus.

Campus Resources

Campus Ministry

The Office of Campus Ministry provides the Dominican University Community with the means for spiritual and personal growth and support. In the spring, the Campus Ministry Office will be open and staffed Monday through Friday and other times by request. The office will be available for virtual and phone meetings and will offer in-person appointments upon request. Physical distancing guidelines and college guidelines will be followed during in-person appointments.

Chaplains of different faiths may be contacted to offer religious services and counsel for students.

Please contact the Director of Campus Ministry to make an appointment or for more information.

Sr. Barbara McEneany O.P., M.S.
(848) 848-4031

Counseling Services

The College provides the opportunity for counseling services for students. Counseling services provide a safe place for students to speak freely about any issues or difficulties they are facing. The services are confidential and free of charge. In the spring, Counseling Services will be open and staffed Monday through Friday and other times by request. The office will be available for virtual and phone meetings and will offer in-person appointments upon request. Physical distancing guidelines and college guidelines will be followed during in-person appointments.

To make an appointment or for more information contact:

Alise Cohen, LCSW, BCD
Director of Counseling
(845) 848-4036 or (845) 848-4037

Eileen A. Piccininni, MA, LPC, CASAC, CEAP
Prevention and Education Coordinator
(845) 848-4030

Community Resources

Rockland County has several resources available for anyone struggling with loneliness, anxiety, substance use or other mental health concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic. Help to identify community resources is also available. Visit for the most up-to-date information and contact details.

Career Development Center

In the spring, the Career Development Center will be open and staffed Monday through Friday and will primarily provide services remotely.

Students should call or email the Center to make a remote appointment.

Physical distancing guidelines and college guidelines will be followed during in-person appointments. A face mask/covering that covers both the nose and mouth must be worn at all times. Physical distancing signage will be posted and must be followed 

As things change in-person appointments may become available.  Records of in-person appointments will be maintained in case tracing becomes necessary

To make an appointment or for more information contact:

Evelyn Fiskaa
Director of the Career Development Center
(845) 848-4032

Rose Macom
Internship Coordinator/Career Counselor
(845) 848-4093

College Bookstore

Through January 31, 2021, all book orders must be placed online, Other items may also be ordered online.

Shipping and curbside pick-up is available through February 5, 2021. Students who choose curbside pick-up are required to call the Bookstore (845-848-7925) and confirm the details of their pick-up prior to coming to campus. Curbside pick-up is the preferred method through January 29, 2021. 

The Bookstore will open to students, faculty, and staff and resume regular hours with limited access to in store shopping on February 1, 2021. Orders placed online from February 1, 2021 through February 22, 2021 can be shipped or picked-up in store. Signage will be visible to direct customers to the designated in store pick up location. Customers are encouraged to use online ordering as opposed to in store shopping. 

A maximum of 5 customers will be permitted in the Bookstore at a time. A face mask/covering that covers both the nose and mouth must be worn at all times. Physical distancing signage and signage to direct flow of traffic will be posted and must be followed. 


Prospective students and their families may tour the campus by appointment only.  When approved, the tours will be conducted with physical distancing guidelines and college guidelines in place.

Other visitors to campus are required to make an appointment with the office or employee with whom they wish to meet prior to arrival. Upon arrival at the Security Office in Casey Hall, the Reception desks at the Hennessy Center and in Cooke Hall, and at the Office of the Student Life Assistant in Rosary Hall, the employee will greet the visitor and escort him/her to and from the meeting space.

All visitors will be required to complete a screening questionnaire upon arrival and have their temperature taken with a touchless thermometer. Records of all guests and visitors to campus, including vendors, will be maintained so that they may be contacted in the event a positive COVID-19 case is identified.

The campus will not be open to visitors without appointments at this time.

Deliveries will be made as authorized.

Campus Closure: Contingency Plan

Dominican University will continue to observe county, state, and federal guidelines along with guidance from the CDC regarding continued college operations.  If COVID-19 resurfaces sufficiently and reverses New York State’s reopening plans, the College is prepared to transition to remote delivery of instruction and services.

In the event of a campus closure, the College will shift to a non-residential/fully virtual model with only essential personnel permitted on campus. Instruction will move fully online and student and operational support services will be available remotely.

The College will track all reported positive cases of COVID-19 among members of the College faculty, staff, and students. College data will be reported to the Rockland County Department of Health on an incident basis. The College will immediately implement closure procedures if mandated by relevant authorities at the county, state, or federal level. If, however, the rate of infection among students and/or employees is judged as threatening to the safe and effective continuity of campus operations and programs, the President is authorized to initiate closure procedures in consultation with the President’s Cabinet, Student Health Center staff, Rockland County Department of Health, and other relevant health and governmental authorities.

If the need arises, the following steps will be initiated for decreasing on-campus activities and or/closing the campus:

  • Communications plans will be deployed to communicate internally and externally.
  • Department heads will be notified by their respective Vice President of the decision to decrease on campus activities or close the campus.
  • An Omni Alert notification text will be sent to all students and employees with notification of plans.
  • Information will be posted to
  • Faculty teaching face-to-face will pivot to remote instruction.
  • Students in internships or other practice will be advised of the status of these arrangements by the program coordinator and the Academic Dean’s office.
  • The Residence Life Staff will implement move out procedures with physical distancing protocols in place.
  • Resident student move out will be completed within 48 hours.
  • Students in isolation or quarantine will be able to continue their presence and care on campus until the completion of isolation/quarantine. International students will also be accommodated on campus until alternate arrangements are available. Food services will be provided to those students who must remain on campus.
  • On-campus staffing will be reduced to only essential personnel. Others will begin working remotely, when possible.
  • Administrative and Academic buildings will be secured. Public Safety will continue to provide an on-campus security presence.

Facilities will continue to ensure buildings, systems, and grounds are maintained.

  • A deep cleaning of all buildings will be conducted prior to staff, faculty and/or students return to campus.

Dominican University is committed to frequent communications with the campus community and parents of students regarding COVID-19 and its effect on campus. Each area of the College will work in a coordinated and collaborative manner to achieve this plan.