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Freshmen Counselors

    Kathleen Keogh

    Freshman Admissions Counselor

      Office: 845-848-7905
      Work Cell: 845-587-1283

      Contact Kathleen if your last name starts with the letters A-De

        Anaisa Acevedo

        Freshman Admissions Counselor

          Office: 845-848-7606
          Work Cell: 845-587-4130

          Contact Anaisa if your last name starts with the letters Di-K

            Ryan Degnan

            Freshman Admissions Counselor

              Office: 845-848-7904
              Work Cell: 845-274-6492

              Contact Ryan if your last name starts with the letters L-P

                Melani Salibian

                Assistant Director for Freshman Admissions

                  Office: (845) 848-7906
                  Work Cell: 845-263-2261

                  Contact Melani if your last name starts with the letters Q-Z

                  Transfer Counselors

                    Sinead Noonan

                    Transfer Counselor

                      Office: 845-848-7909
                      Work Cell:

                        Rob Tyrrell

                        Senior Assistant Director of Admissions

                          Office: 845.848.7907
                          Work Cell: 845-323-9679

                          Responsible for letters A – Z