Alumni Testimonials

Meet some of our alumni and find out why they’re glad they got their degrees at Dominican University!

Althea Chambers ’09

Teacher Education Major

“I knew I wanted to major in English and infuse that a little with Education. Luckily here you major in your content area and then you get certified in teaching.”
Hear what Althea has to say about:

Shina Santos ’12

Psychology Major

“I was President of the senior class, I was in Psychology Club, I  was President of the Psychology Honor Society, and when you start doing those things you can’t help but to just be here more. I’ve made some of the greatest friendships from Dominican University that I still have contact with today and that’s a blessing.” 

Courtney McManus ’12

Teacher Education

“For me Dominican welcomed me with open arms. They took me right in, led me through all the steps I needed to do in order to transfer and it was just a very easy transition.”