Discover Occcupational Therapy

Are you curious about the exciting world of occupational therapy? Look no further! Join us for a captivating journey through the field of occupational therapy, spanning all stages of life. This event is your golden opportunity to immerse yourself in the realm of occupational therapy, interact with ourĀ  faculty, explore our beautiful campus, and gain invaluable insights into our outstanding program.

Discover Dominican University's Distinctive Occupational Therapy Program

Our graduate Occupational Therapy program at Dominican University offers a dynamic curriculum that blends flexibility, innovation, and academic excellence. Prepare to embark on an educational journey that will not only transform your understanding of occupational therapy but also set you on a path to becoming a skilled practitioner in this field.

What to Expect at the Event

This event promises to be an eye-opening experience, providing you with a glimpse into the diverse world of occupational therapy across various life stages. You'll leave with a deeper understanding of the field and the program's unique advantages.

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