Summer Session I 2023

May 31 – June 16 | 10 days

Course #Course NameFaculty-LastFirstCreditsDeliver
IX 120MS WORDMonizDebra1Online5/31-6/5
IX 190MS EXCELMonizDebra1Online6/6-6/9
IX 130MS Power PointMonizDebra1Online6/12-6/15
HI 222 CClassical History and Civilization WhiteScott3Online
MA 225Intro to StatsZigicJovan3Online
MG 310Business Society and Corp ValuesPenninoClare3Online
PS 213Developmental Psychology IDonohuePaula3Online
PS 214Developmental Psychology II NewcombeChristine3Online
PS 344BiopsychologyChunDavid3Online
PS 215Adolescent Psychology IIWaltersLauren3Online
SO 223 V G Social ProblemsHyppoliteMelody3Online

Summer Session II 2023

June 20-July 25 | 20 days: University closed June 19 and July 4

Course #Course NameFaculty-LastFirstCreditsDeliver
EN 224 PAmerican Dream IIDolginEllen3Online
HI 223 MMedieval EuropeWhiteScott3Online
MA 119Mathematics for Liberal Arts DiSienaDaynaMarie3Online
MK 114 Basic MarketingPenninoClare3Online
MG 375Leadership Styles: Presidents and GeneralsSpillnerJohn3Online
PS 210Lifespan Human DevelopmentMartinTom3Online
SO/SW 330 VEthnic Group InteractionSwanwickMichael3Online
SW/SO 330VEthnic Group InteractionSwanwickMichael3Online
SO 334 VDeviance:Changing Sociological Pespectives on Race, Class and Gender ParrelloTara3Online

Summer Session III 2023

June 20-July 26 | 3 days a week for 16 days: University closed July 4

Course #Course NameFaculty-LastFirstCreditsDeliver
EN 123Writing About LiteratureSchneiderRachelle3Online
HI 335 PConsensus in AmericaCarloJoseph3Online
MA 112Introduction to College MathMonizDebra3Online
MA 113College AlgebraMonizDebra3Online
PH 339 VPhilosophy of Death and Dying MetzgerNathan3Online

Summer Session IV 2023

June 27-August 17 | 8-week program

Course #Course NameFaculty-LastFirstCreditsDeliver
BI 223Anatomy & Physiology ISilvermanJeanmarie4OnlineLecture- asynchronous online
June 5-June30
Lab (in-person): M-R
6 p.m. – 9 p.m.
BI 224Anatomy & Physiology IISilvermanJeanmarie4OnlineLecture- asynchronous online
July 5- August 1
Lab (in-person) : M-R
6 p.m. – 9 p.m.
BI 228Biochemistry for Health Professions AlvarezRegina3OnlineJune 20- July 25
Asynchronous online
BI 326PathophysiologySilvermanDebra3OnlineJune 20- July 25
T,W, R
Asynchronous online

Summer Session V 2023

DC Online – 8 week sessions

June 28-August 18 | Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays for 8 weeks

Course #Course NameFaculty-LastFirstCreditsDeliver
BI 223Women In American HistoryAndersonKatie3Online
BI 224International Management PenninoClare3Online
BI 228Deviance: Changing Sociological Perspectives on Race, Class, and GenderPenninoTara3Online