Derrick Hicks


Derrick Hicks is a Higher Education professional with many years of experience working at private and public institutions to support student learning and success. He started his Higher Education journey as a Resident Assistant and then served in several professional leadership positions, including his most recent roles as Adjunct Professor and Director of Residential Education and Housing at Bloomfield College. He is a proud and native New Yorker that is excited to become a Charger and join the Dominican University community.

 Derrick received his B.A. degree from SUNY Purchase College and his M.S. degree from The University of Indianapolis. He is a servant and visionary leader that has experience working with nonprofit and for-profit organizations that span the sectors of Education, Entertainment, Health Care, Wellness, Social Justice, and Service to name a few. He is a lifelong learner that embraces challenges, celebrates individuality and values collaboration.

Derrick is thankful to have had a previous supervisor that has inspired his professional motto which states “We work with students, not for students.” This motto has shaped Derrick’s approach to leadership and has informed the ingenious results that he’s been able to yield over the years. He has always been an advocate for student needs, positive change and doing the right thing. He has proven his ability to develop and implement creative solutions for complex issues when budget, space and other resources are limited.

Some things that bring Derrick joy are a good laugh, spending time with family, traveling the world, opportunities to create, playing both video and board games, and practicing self-care. He appreciates the little things and enjoys learning something new, exploring the outdoors, finding great music to keep on replay, and participating in volunteer experiences.