Jennifer Kaywork

Phone: (845) 848-4088

Dr. Jennifer Kaywork developed the Early Childhood Education and Technology Education programs from their inception, and continually works in the field to keep the programs up-to-date and relevant. Dr. Kaywork earned a B.S.Ed. from the University of Georgia in Elementary Education/Child and Family Development, an M.S. from Virginia Tech in Child and Family Development, and an Ed.D. from Rutgers University in Elementary and Early Childhood Education. Dr. Kaywork has conducted research on peer teaching and learning with young children as well as on student teacher reflective practice. She has studied early childhood education in Reggio Emilia, Italy, and much of her teaching focuses on this hands-on and child-directed learning, Dr. Kaywork is an active member of the early childhood community in New York and New Jersey, and serves on numerous advisory boards and board of directors that work to provide high quality early childhood care to all children. She also works as a consultant for families and schools in the areas of early childhood education and child development, and has published a book on infant/toddler development and curriculum.