What materials are required to complete an application?

To apply, please:

Is there an application deadline? The earlier you apply the better. Dominican University works on a rolling admissions policy, meaning there is no set deadline for applying. What high school academic units is the University looking for? Our recommended preparation includes 16 academic units of study distributed among English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Foreign Languages.

Does the University offer scholarships and grants?
Yes, the University offers academic and athletic scholarships.  In fact, 98% of freshman receive an academic scholarship.  The academic scholarships consider things like SAT scores and high school GPAs and are awarded through the Office of Admissions.  Athletic scholarships are awarded by the coaches and are based on the individual’s athletic abilities and the needs of the team.

In addition, the University offers need-based grants based on information provided in the FAFSA, Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Does my child need to apply for an academic scholarship?
No. Upon acceptance to the University the Office of Admissions will determine your child’s eligibility for an academic scholarship based on things like SAT scores and high school GPA.

How do I schedule a campus tour?
To schedule a tour of the campus please pick your date here or contact  the Office of Admissions, toll free, at (866) 4DC-INFO or at admissions@duny.edu. You can also take a virtual tour.

Do you have support services specifically for freshman?
We have a Freshman Directorate, made up of the Freshman Director, Assistant Director, Faculty and Peer Mentors, who assist incoming freshman with the transition to Dominican University. This assistance includes academic advisement and help in dealing with issues related to university life.  The Freshman Seminar offers students a strong foundation in the liberal arts and introduces them to the tools that foster academic confidence.  For students who need Special Services, we have a Coordinator of Special Services who can arrange any appropriate accommodations.

What safety measures are taken for students while on campus?
Residence Halls have 24-hour card access only admission and have front desks staffed 24 hours a day. Security cameras are located on the exterior perimeter and in the interior hallways and lobbies of both dormitories. The campus has 24 hour security patrols. Upon request, escorts are provided to the Residence Halls. Additional questions regarding security can be answered by contacting our Security Office located in Casey Hall at (845) 848-4061.

Is there a place where my child can receive medical attention?
The Student Health Center is located on the second floor of the Granito Center. The Center is staffed by nurse practitioners. Students are not charged for appointments and services except for certain medications or tests.

Can my child bring a car to campus? Is one necessary?
Students are allowed to bring cars on campus. Every car must be registered with the Security Office to obtain a proper parking permit. Students can sign up for a parking permit, at no additional cost, when they register for classes. There are many stores within easy walking distance of the campus, and a University shuttle provides transportation to classes at night.

Are tutors available?
Tutors are available through our Academic Success Center. Faculty or peer tutors can help your child with an assignment, editing a paper, math tutoring, and more.

What forms do I need to apply for financial aid?
You should fill out the (FAFSA) Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Copies of the FAFSA are available in your child’s high school counselor’s office, Dominican University’s Financial Aid Office, or on-line at https://studentaid.gov/h/apply-for-aid/fafsa.  If you need assistance with financial aid please call (845) 848-7821 or e-mail studentfinancialservices@duny.edu. 

What is Dominican University’s Federal Code for the FAFSA?
Dominican University’s school code is 002713

I don’t think our family qualifies for financial aid. Should we apply anyway?
Every family must apply for financial aid to receive Institutional Aid. Many families assume they don’t qualify for aid and fail to apply for it. There are a few sources of aid such an unsubsidized Stafford and PLUS loans that are available regardless of need. The (FAFSA) Free Application for Federal Student Aid form is free and can be found here: https://studentaid.gov/h/apply-for-aid/fafsa.

When will my child receive his or her package from Dominican University?
Typically, your child will be mailed his or her financial aid package within 48 hours of receipt of the FAFSA data and confirmation of acceptance to the University.

The FAFSA asks for tax information. What should I do if I have not yet filed my tax returns?
You do not have to wait until your taxes are done. You can use estimates of your income as long as they aren’t very far from the actual values. You will have an opportunity to correct any errors later.

What should I do if my family has special circumstances that are not indicated on the FAFSA?
You should submit a letter to Student Financial Services (formerly Financial Aid & the Bursar’s office) describing your special circumstances. Examples of special circumstances are: loss of employment, unusual medical expenses, and recent death or divorce of a parent. For more information click here.

What is the difference between a grant and a loan?
Grants are gift aid given to students to help them gain access to university. A grant does not need to be repaid. Student loans are used to help pay university costs but they must be re-paid by the borrower.

Is work-study available for my child?
Students must be eligible for work-study based on federal guidelines. Eligibility is determined by parent and student income. Work study is offered to all eligible student

Does Dominican University offer a monthly payment plan?
A monthly payment plan is available through Tuition Management Systems. You can arrange to make payments over a 10 month period. Please contact the Business Office for more information. Or, contact TMS directly at 1-800-722-4867 or visit them online at www.afford.com/dc

How do I get to Dominican University?
The University is located in Rockland County 17 miles north of NYC and 3 miles north of Bergen County (NJ), at Orangeburg Road and Western Highway, Orangeburg, NY. Directions to the University can be found here.

I have questions that aren’t addressed here. How can I find answers?
Call us at 1(866) 4DC-INFO or e-mail your questions to admissions@duny.edu.