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Student Financial Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

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When can I visit Dominican University?

We will be happy to schedule a convenient time for you to visit Dominican University. Tours are usually given weekdays and some Saturdays, by appointment. Also, you can attend our Fall and Spring Open Houses. Learn more at or reach us toll free at 844.3DU.INFO.

Do you provide tutoring services?

Yes. Tutors are available through our Academic Success Center. Professional or peer tutors can help you get started on an assignment, editing a paper or math tutoring. Other academic support services are also offered.

Does the University offer academic/athletic scholarships?

Yes, we do. Please contact our Office of Admissions (844.3DU.INFO) to find out about your eligibility for an academic award. Athletic awards are given through the Athletics Office by coaches and the Director of Athletics. 100 percent of freshmen students receive some type of financial aid. More information is available from the Office of Student Financial Services.

Are other forms of Financial Aid available?

Dominican University offers need-based grants. In addition, the University participates in federal and New York State financial aid programs. More information is available from the Office of Student Financial Services

Is a separate application required for scholarships?

No. We will automatically review your application file for scholarships. There is no separate paperwork.

What are the costs of tuition/room and board?

Please call our Office of Admissions at 844.3DU.INFO for the latest information, or visit the cost of attendance page.

Do incoming freshman receive academic advisement?

Yes, you will have a Faculty Advisor specifically trained to register freshman. The advisor will provide one-on-one advisement.

What majors are you known for?

We are very well known for our programs in Business, Teacher Education, Allied Health (including Nursing, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy), Psychology, and Social Work.

Do you offer internship opportunities?

Yes. Some majors will allow you to do an internship as early as sophomore year. You will work with your academic advisor and the Career Development Center to set up your internship.

What type of housing are freshman given?

Freshman are generally placed usually in doubles or triples. Hertel Hall and Rosary Hall, our Residence Centers, are both modern and comfortable facilities – your home away from home.

Can freshman have cars?

Yes. You can sign up for your parking permit when you come to register for classes. There is no additional cost.

How do I know when my application is complete? How will I know if I am admitted to the University?

Your Freshman Admissions Counselor will be in touch with you early on in the admissions and enrollment process. Students are always contacted by e-mail, telephone, text message and regular mail. We will let you know as soon as your file is complete.

Do you have support services specifically for freshmen?

Yes. Support is offered from our New Student and Transition Center and the Peer Mentors that they oversee. They assist incoming freshman with the transition to their first year at Dominican University. That includes academic advisement and help in dealing with issues related to college life. The Freshman Seminar addresses such topics as time management, study skills, career exploration and program requirements.

Are services available for students with special needs?

Yes. We have a Coordinator of Special Services who can set up accommodations and other arrangements for students who have special needs.

What is the history of the University ?

The University was founded by the Dominican Sisters of Baluvelt in 1952. We have grown to offer over 30 undergraduate and graduate programs and two doctoral programs.

Other questions?

Please call or write to us here:
Tel: 844.3DU.INFO (toll free) or (845)-848-7901
Fax: (845) 365-3150
Visit usRequest InformationStart Your Application

What materials are required to complete an application?

To apply, please:
  • Complete an application here. You can use the Dominican University application or the Common Application.
  • Ask your student’s high school counselor to forward transcripts directly to the Office of Admissions.
  • Dominican University is test optional, so the results of standardized tests are not required. If your student would like to include test scores with their application, please:
    • Submit the results of one of the following examinations to the Office of Admissions:
      • (1) Scholastic Aptitude Test (S.A.T.) of the College Entrance Examination Board.  The C.E.E.B. Code for Dominican University is 2190.
      • (2) The American College Testing (A.C.T.) Assessment Test. The A.C.T. code for Dominican University is 2730.
  • A meeting with an Admissions Counselor is not always required but is always desirable. Some applicants may be asked to meet with a member of the Admissions staff. For information, please call us at 844.3DU.INFO

Is there an application deadline?

The earlier your student applies, the better. Dominican University works on a rolling admissions policy, meaning there is no set deadline for applying. What high school academic units is the College looking for? Our recommended preparation includes 16 academic units of study distributed among English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Foreign Languages.

Does the College offer scholarships and grants?

Yes, the University offers academic and athletic scholarships. In fact, 100% of freshman receive an academic scholarship. The academic scholarships consider things like SAT scores and high school GPAs and are awarded through the Office of Admissions. Athletic scholarships are awarded by the coaches and are based on the individual’s athletic abilities and the needs of the team.

In addition, the University offers need-based grants based on information provided in the FAFSA, Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

How do I schedule a campus tour?

To schedule a tour of the campus please pick your date here or contact the Office of Admissions, toll free, at (866) 4DC-INFO or at You can also take a virtual tour.

Do you have support services specifically for freshman?

Support is offered from our New Student and Transition Center and the Peer Mentors that they oversee. This assistance includes academic advisement and help in dealing with issues related to college life.  The Freshman Seminar offers students a strong foundation in the liberal arts and introduces them to the tools that foster academic confidence.  For students who need Special Services, we have a Coordinator of Special Services who can arrange any appropriate accommodations with provided documentation.

What safety measures are taken for students while on campus?

Residence Halls have 24-hour card access only admission and have live in staff. Security cameras are located on the exterior perimeter and in the interior hallways and lobbies of both dormitories. The campus has 24 hour security patrols. Upon request, escorts are provided to the Residence Halls. Additional questions regarding security can be answered by contacting our Security Office located in Casey Hall at (845)848-4061.

Is there a place where my student in the question can receive medical attention?

A Student Health Center is located on the second floor of the Granito Center. The Center is staffed by nurse practitioners. Students are not charged for appointments and services except for certain medications or tests.

Can my student in the question bring a car to campus? Is one necessary?

Students are allowed to bring cars on campus. Every car must be registered with the Security Office to obtain a proper parking permit. Students can sign up for a parking permit, at no additional cost, when they register for classes. There are many stores within easy walking distance of the campus.

Are tutors available?

Tutors are available through our Academic Success Center. Professional or peer tutors can help your student with an assignment, editing a paper, math tutoring, and more.

What forms do I need to apply for financial aid?

You should fill out the (FAFSA) Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Copies of the FAFSA are available in your student’s high school counselor’s office, Dominican University’s Office of Student Financial Services, or online at  If you need assistance with financial aid, please call (845) 848-7821 or e-mail

What is Dominican University’s Federal Code for the FAFSA?

Dominican University’s school code is 002713

I don’t think our family qualifies for financial aid. Should we apply anyway?

Every family must apply for financial aid to receive Institutional Aid. Many families assume they don’t qualify for aid and fail to apply for it. There are a few sources of aid such an unsubsidized Stafford and PLUS loans that are available regardless of need. The (FAFSA) Free Application for Federal Student Aid form is free and can be found here: Submitting your FAFSA will also give the University the ability to review for additional institutional aid.

When will my student receive their package from Dominican University?

Typically, your student will be mailed their financial aid package within 48 hours of receipt of the FAFSA data and confirmation of acceptance to the University.

What should I do if my family has special circumstances that are not indicated on the FAFSA?

You should submit a letter to the Financial Aid Office describing your special circumstances. Examples of special circumstances are: loss of employment, unusual medical expenses, and recent death or divorce of a parent. For more information click here.

What is the difference between a grant and a loan?

Grants are gift aid given to students to help them gain access to college. A grant does not need to be repaid. Student loans are used to help pay college costs but they must be repaid by the borrower.

Is work-study available for my student in question?

Students must be eligible for work study based on federal guidelines. Eligibility is determined by parent and student income. Work study is offered to all eligible students.

Does Dominican University offer a monthly payment plan?

A monthly payment plan is available through TMS with Nelnet. You can arrange to make payments over a 10 month period. Please contact the Student Financial Services for more information. Your student must create the account for the payment plan and add you as an Authorized Payer. You will then receive a link where you can submit payments on your student’s behalf.

How do I get to Dominican University?

The University is located in Rockland County, which is 17 miles north of NYC and 3 miles north of Bergen County, NJ. The main address of the University is:
470 Western Hwy
iOrangeburg, NY 10962

Directions can be found here.

I have questions that aren’t addressed here. How can I find answers?

Call us at 844.3DU.INFO or e-mail your questions to

Visit Us Request Info

¿Qué se necesita para completar una solicitud? Por favor, haga lo siguiente:

Complete una solicitud aquí. O, puede pedir una solicitud en la Oficina de Admisión (866 4DC-INFO. Al completarla, debe ser enviada con un cheque de $35.00, a la oficina de admisión, Office of Admissions, 470 Western Highway, Orangeburg, New York 10962 o via correo electrónico a

Pida al consejero de su hijo o hija en el bachillerato (High School), de enviar los TRANSCRIPTS directamente a la Oficina de Admisión (Office of Admissions).

Envié los resultado de uno de los siguientes examenes a la Oficina de Admisión 1) Scholastic Aptitude Test (S.A.T.) del College Entrance Examination Board. 2) El S.E.E.B. código para Dominican University es 2190. 3) The American College Testing (A.C.T.) Assessment Test. El A.C.T. código para Dominican University es 2730.

Una reunión con el consejero de admisión no es absolutamente necesaria sino bastante deseable. A veces se les pide a algunos aplicantes que se reunan con un miembro de la junta directiva de Admisión. Para más información, por favor llame al 844.3DU.INFO

¿Hay una fecha límite para enviar la solicitud?

No hay una fecha li̕mite, sino que se aceptan solicitudes todo el tiempo, y es preferible si lo hacen lo ma̕s temprano posible; Cua̕les son los requisitos académicos que pide Dominican University? Nosotros recomendamos una preparación académica de escuela secundaria que incluya 16 unidades repartidas entre las siguientes disciplinas: Ingle̕s, Matemáticas, Ciencias Naturales, y Lenguas Extranjeras.

¿Se ofrecen becas o grants?

Sí, la Universidad ofrece becas académicas y atléticas. De hecho, 98% de los freshman reciben una beca académica. Estas becas se basan en los resultados del SAT y el promedio GPA de la escuela secundaria. La Oficina de Admisión otorga estas becas. En cuanto a las becas atléticas, los entrenadores las deciden basándose en las abilidades del alumno y de las necesidades del equipo deportivo.

Además, la Universidad ofrece ayuda de tipo grants según la necesidad basada en la información de la FASFA, Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

¿Es necesario que mi hijo o hija pida formalmente una beca académica?

No. Cuando se haya decidido si esta̕ aceptado(a) a la Universidad, la Oficina de Admisión automáticamente determina si su hijo(a) es elegible para recibir una beca basado en los resultados del SAT o su GPA en la escuela secundaria.

¿Como puedo organizar una visita a la Universidad?

Para organizar una gira por el campus, por favor llame a la Oficina de Admisión, gratis a (866)4DC-INFO o escriban un e-mail a Giras se planean durante la semana y algunos sa̕bados. Pueden ver fotos del campus aquí.

¿Existe algún sistema de apoyo dirigido a los Freshman?

Tenemos un Freshman Directorate, que incluye al Director de los Freshman, al asistente Director, Profesores y alumnos (Peer Mentors) quienes ayudan a los nuevos alumnos en su transición a la Universidad. Este apoyo incluye dirección académica y consejos acerca de cualquier tipo de dificultad que pueda encontrar el alumno principiante en su nuevo ambiente universitario. El Freshman Seminar les ofrece a los alumnos una base so̕lida en las Artes Liberales equipándoles con la herramienta necesaria que les ayuda a sentirse seguros en sus estudios. Para los alumnos con necesidades especi̕ficas, tenemos a un Coordinador de Servicios Especiales (Coordinator of Special Services) que puede solucionar o conseguir lo que se necesite para acomodar al alumno.

¿Con respecto a la seguridad en el campus,¿que provee la Universidad para el alumno?

Para tener acceso a todas la Residencias Estudiantiles durante las 24 horas, se necesita una cedula de identidad con foto y las entradas tienen personal durante 24 horas también. Hay cámaras de seguridad a las entradas y corredores internos. El campus tiene guardias y celadores durante 24 horas. Si se requiere protección adicional, se puede pedir en la Residencia. Si hay más preguntas sobre la seguridad, se puede contactar con la Oficina de Seguridad ubicada en Casey Hall, teléfono (845)848-4061

¿Hay algún lugar donde mi hijo(a) pueda recibir atención medica?

Hay un Centro Médico ubicado en el Segundo piso de Granito Center. En ese centro se encuentran enfermeras. No se les cobra a los alumnos para las visitas y los servicios médicos sino únicamente para los análisis y medicamentos

¿Puede mi hijo(a) tener un carro en el campus? ¿Es un carro necesario?

Los alumnos pueden tener su carro en el campus. Cada carro necesita ser registrado en el oficina de seguridad (Security Office) para obtener un permiso adecuado para el estacionamiento. Los alumnos pueden pedir un permiso sin pago extra al matricularse. Hay muchas tiendas y otras amenidades al alcance de los alumnos donde pueden llegar caminando en la vecindad del campus, y también hay busetas que los puedan transportar a los diferentes edificios en el campus, así que no es esencial tener un carro.

¿Hay tutores o maestros privados para los alumnos?

En el Learning Resources Center, hay tutores que pueden ayudar cuando se necesite. A veces también se consiguen estudiantes capacitados que pueden prestar asistencia con tareas, trabajos escritos, y ayudan con editar monografías y problemas de matemáticas, y mucho ma̕s.

¿Que formularios se necesitan para solicitar asistencia monetaria?

Debería llenar la solicitud (FAFSA) Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Copias de esta solicitud se pueden conseguir en la oficina del consejero de su hijo(a) en el bachillerato. También en la Oficina de Financial Aid de Dominican University, o por computador al sito Si necesita ayuda con esto, por favor llame al (845)848-7821 o mande un e-mail al

¿Cual es el código federal de Dominican University para el FAFSA?

El código de Dominican University es 002713

No creo que nuestra familia sea elegible para recibir ayuda monetaria. ¿Deberíamos solicitarla por si acaso?

Cada familia debe llenar una solicitud para recibir Becas Institucionales. Muchas familias suponen que no son elegibles y no lo hacen. Hay algunos recursos de asistencia como un “unsubsidized Stafford and Plus Loan” que son accesibles no importe la necesidad. La (FAFSA) Free Application para ayuda federal a los estudiantes es gratis y se puede conseguir en este sito:

¿Cuando recibirá mi hijo(a) su paquete de Dominican University?

Generalmente, se le envía a su hijo(a) el paquete de asistencia monetaria dentro 48 horas de haber recibido los datos de la FAFSA y la confirmación de su aceptación a la Universidad.

La FAFSA pide información sobre la declaración de impuestos (tax information). ¿Que debo hacer si no he completado todavía esta declaración de impuestos?

No tiene que esperar hasta terminar la declaración de impuestos. Puede poner una suma estimada de su ganancia anual siempre y cuando no sea tan diferente de la suma real. Tendrá la oportunidad de corregir cualquier error en su momento.

¿Que debo hacer si mi familia tiene circumstancias particulares que no se indican en las FAFSA?

Deberiá enviar una carta a la oficina de ayuda monetaria (Financial Aid Office) describiendo su situación especificando esas circunstancias particulares. Ejemplos son: pérdida de empleo, altos gastos médicos, y muerte reciente o divorcio.

¿Cuál es la diferencia entre un préstamo (loan) y un grant?

Grants no son préstamos sino regalos monetarios para facilitar al alumno conseguir accesibilidad a la educación universitaria. No hay que devolver ese dinero. En cambio, un préstamo ayuda a pagar la Universidad pero debe ser reimborsado.

¿Hay alguna posibilidad para mi hijo(a) de trabajar mientras estudia?

Estudiantes pueden trabajar siempre y cuando sean elegibles segu̕n los requisitos federales. Su elegibilidad se determina según la situación económica de la familia. Se le ofrece trabajo a todos estudiantes que califican según estos requisitos.

¿Ofrece Dominican University un plan de pago mensual?

Si̕, un plan de pago mensual se puede conseguir a través del Tuition Management Systems. Se pueden hacer pagos durante un período de 10 meses. Por favor, contáctese con el Business Office para información adicional. O, si prefiere, puede contactar directamente el TMS al 1-800-722-4867 o visítelos al sito

¿Como se llega a Dominican University?

La Universidad queda en Rockland County, 17 millas al norte de NYC y 3 millas al norte de Bergen County (NJ), en Orangeburg Road y Western Highway, Orangeburg, NY. Indicaciones para facilitar su llegada se pueden conseguir aquí

¿Tengo algunas preguntas que no se mencionan aqui̕. ¿Co̕mo consigo las respuestas?

Llámenos al 1(800)4DC-INFO o escriba un e-mail con sus preguntas a, o use el formulario que se encuentra aqui en la computadora.

Visit Us Request Info

Admission Requirements for Freshman Student

  • Transcripts
  • Deadlines
  • Application Fee
  • Personal Interview
Please ask your high school counselor to send your transcript(s) to the Office of Admissions. Transcripts can be provided in the following ways:
  • Via the Common App or Naviance
  • Emailed to
  • Mailed to the Office of Admissions at
    Dominican University – DePorres Hall
    470 Western Hwy
    Orangeburg, NY 10962
  • Faxed to 845.365.3150
Dominican University is test optional, so the results of standardized tests are not required. If you would like to include test scores with your application, please submit the results of one of the following examinations to the Office of Admissions:

(1) Scholastic Aptitude Test (S.A.T.) of the College Entrance Examination Board. The C.E.E.B. Code for Dominican University is 2190.
(2) The American College Testing (A.C.T.) Assessment Test. The A.C.T. code for Dominican University is 2730.
The earlier you apply, the better. Dominican University works on a rolling admissions policy. That means you can apply whenever the time is right for you. Start your application today at
There is a $40 nonrefundable application fee to apply to Dominican University. You can request an application fee waiver by emailing
A meeting with an Admissions Counselor is not always required but is always desirable. Some applicants may be asked to meet with a member of the Admissions staff. For information, please call us at 844.3DU.INFO.

Contact an Admissions Counselor

An Admissions Counselor is easily accessible by phone, email or video conference.

    Anaisa Acevedo

    Assistant Director for Freshman Admissions
      Office: 845-848-7606
      Work Cell: 845-587-4130

      Contact Ana if you live in the following New York counties: Albany, Columbia, Delaware, Greene, Orange, Renesselaer, Rockland, Saratoga, Schenectady, Schoharie, Sullivan, Ulster

        Ryan Degnan

        Freshman Admissions Counselor

          Office:  845-848-7904
          Work Cell: 845-274-6492

          Contact Ryan of you live in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or are an international student

            Christopher Pagan

            Freshman Admissions Counselor

              Office:  845-848-7906
              Work Cell: 845-521-5167

              Contact Chris if you live in the following New York counties:  Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island

                Shelby Silva

                Freshman Admissions Counselor

                  Office:  845-848-7905
                  Work Cell: 845-587-1283

                  Contact Shelby if you live in Connecticut or any of the following New York counties: Dutchess, Nassau, Putnam, Suffolk, Westchester

                  Find Your Academic Program

                  Look through our majors to find one that sparks your interest.

                  Honors Program

                  Are you a high achieving student? Intensify and enrich your education experience in the Dominican University Honors Program:

                  • Up to $18,000
                  • 1-on-1 guidance from Honors Program faculty
                  • Honors sections in selected programs
                  • Priority registration and housing
                  • Honors field trips
                  • Research opportunities in your area of interest

                  Beyond the Classroom

                  Just 20 minutes from the excitement of the city that never sleeps. Take in a ball game, visit a museum, or take advantage of some of the country’s best internship opportunities. New York City is so close; it might as well be our backyard!

                  Resident students can choose from single rooms to apartment style living. All three Residence Halls feature lounge spaces and live in staff.

                  The dining hall in the Granito Center always seems to be the hub of campus activity (a lot like your kitchen at home). Choose from five different meal plans to fit your budget (plus one just for commuter students).

                  Student-athlete or just a sports fan? Either way, Dominican University athletes play on 19 Division II varsity teams and have won numerous conference championships. Come out and play, or just cheer the Chargers on to victory.


                  You’ll quickly grow to love those 17 miles that separate Dominican University from New York City. We’re so close, you can easily go catch a game, see a show, tour a museum or just go explore. Some of the world’s best internship opportunities are that close, too. Of course those same 17 miles put you a world away. Our peaceful, scenic campus is your sanctuary, your home away from home.