The primary responsibility of the Department of Public Safety and Security is to ensure the safety and security of students, faculty, staff and visitors of the University.

We provide an on-campus security presence 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, that includes campus patrols, closed circuit cameras, and other protocols. Services include:

Campus Patrols:

Our contract guard service is on campus 24/365. They can be found in every residence hall and on patrol around the campus. They are always in contact with the directors. The guards are licensed by the state of NY and undergo integrity profiles, drug tests, and criminal background checks. They also receive pre-employment training and recurrent training as required by law.

Closed Circuit Television:

Over 100 state-of-the-art Pelco cameras are posted throughout the campus to survey areas and record events.  The cameras are vandal-proof and prominently placed at the entrance of Residence Halls and in the interior.

Campus Escort:

Students walking at night are encouraged to travel in groups and on lighted walkways. If this is not possible, security will supply after-hour escorts on request between campus buildings and between buildings and the parking lots.  Campus Escort is geared to the individual and is not intended to be a taxi service for groups of students at night.

Electromagnetic Locks:

These locking systems are installed on the rear and side doors of the Residence Halls.  They are integrated into the building’s fire alarm system and unlock automatically when the fire alarm system is activated to provide emergency egress.

ID and Card Access Systems:

Over 150 card readers are installed throughout campus, allowing your DC-1Card card to serve as a key to Residence Halls, the Sullivan Library and other facilities.  Cards should be kept with you at all times and must be presented to Security when entering the residence halls or if requested by Public Safety Officials. The cost of a replacement ID card is $20, which can be charged to student accounts. Students are not permitted to borrow or lend ID cards. To obtain an ID card, please visit the DC-1Card in Casey Hall.

Mass notification system:

Dominican students, faculty and staff can be notified of important information through a mass notification system called Omnilert. This alert system will be used for “time-sensitive emergencies”. Participants can be notified on their phones, PDAs, email and through other methods. Click here to log into your already-created Omnilert login. You can manage the types of alerts you get, update your phone number or access other methods (e.g., email) of being alerted to developments on campus.


All students who wish to park on campus require parking stickers, which can be obtained from the Parking Center in Casey Hall.  Stickers must be displayed on the lower left front windshield. Commuter students should use the lots located behind Casey Hall,  Prusmack Center, or the main lot on Western Highway. Resident vehicles are assigned to the main lot or to the lots behind Guzman Hall or in front of Hertel Hall. Parking permits, procedures and regulations are available in the Parking Center in Casey Hall, which can be reached at 845-848-4062.

If this is an emergency, please call 911 and/or the Dominican University Security Office at 845-848-4061.

Other incidents and concerns can be reported here

John E. Lennon Jr. Director of Public Safety and Security
Phone: 845-848-4061