Class Agents

Lifelong Alumni Connections

The mission of the Class Agent Program at Dominican University is to promote loyalty, advocacy and involvement of our alumni, in an effort to generate a more personal and financial commitment to the University. The Class Agent Program is designed to engage alumni through ongoing interactive communication.

As a Class Agent, you will reconnect with former classmates and establish a rewarding network of friends and colleagues. You will increase class participation in alumni giving and its alumni events such as Reunion and the Athletic Hall of Fame. Finally, you will work to build a sense of community among DC alumni.

The Class Agent Commitment
As a Class Agent, you are asked to make the following commitments:

  • Contact your classmates by email, telephone, or through the Alumni pages on the University website
  • Encourage your classmates to get involved with the University by attending Reunion, Athletic Hall of Fame and Alumni Day on Campus
  • Encourage your classmates to contribute to the University’sĀ Annual Fund

What You Will Do as a Class Agent

  • Enjoy yourself! We hope you will find it very satisfying to be a part of the Dominican University Class Agent Program. We know you will meet interesting people and renew friendships with classmates.
  • Participate in events and meetings with other Class Agents and DC staff
  • Explain the importance of supporting DC by attending alumni events and programs, as well as supporting the Annual Fund

What You Can Expect from the University

  • We will provide you with background information on the University
  • We will give you contact information (name and email address) about the classmates in your graduating year
  • We will provide you with all material to be a successful Class Agent


  • Help DC expand its relationship with alumni
  • Secure more information for the Class Notes section of Dateline: Dominican
  • Assist in promoting alumni and University events and programs
  • Encourage alumni to support the University through programs and the Annual Fund

Click here for the Class Agent Directory.