College Introduces New Marketing Major

Dominican College will be offering a new marketing major beginning in fall 2020.  The new undergraduate major will fall under the Business Administration Division, and will lead to a Bachelor of Science in Marketing.

“Like all our business majors, our new marketing major promotes our motto of ‘Doing Business Right’ – by which we mean that at Dominican College business students are taught how to be successful while also making the world a better place, “  said Ivan Rudolph-Shabinsky, Director of the Business Administration Division. “When it comes to marketing, we believe an ethical approach is especially critical today when new technologies collect so much personal data on consumers. Avoiding unethical practices, however, is just the start. Effective marketing can also be a powerful tool to promote causes ranging from sustainability to justice. We teach our students to be creative and to use marketing as a positive force in business and in our society.”

Some of the marketing courses offered include Digital Media, Social Media Marketing, Global Marketing, Sales, Sports Media and Promotion, Innovation and Product Development, and The Fashion Business.  Three Hospitality courses also focus on restaurants, resorts and hotels, and spas and fitness centers.

For more information about the marketing major, contact the Admissions Department at