College Unveils New Finish in 4 Program

Dominican College has unveiled a new Finish in 4 program that guarantees students will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in four years.  If a student follows the requirements of the program, but is not able to graduate in four years, the College will cover the cost of any remaining courses needed to complete a degree.

“The Finish in 4 Program reinforces Dominican College’s emphasis to provide a high standard of education with a focus on graduating on time,” said Joseph Ahlstrin, Director of Admissions. “Keeping students on track to pay for no more than four years of college will result in significant savings for the student and their family. Especially when the average student takes more than four years to complete their bachelor’s degree. The same individual attention students feel in the classroom will be reflected in this program through advisement.”

Incoming freshman will be eligible to join the program beginning in August 2020.  The program is voluntary and requires that students sign a Student Participation Agreement.  Students agree to actions and behaviors that will help them to graduate, and the College provides them with an academic advisor to keep students on track.  For additional information about Finish in 4, visit