Criminal Justice Day Includes K-9 Unit Demonstration

During Criminal Justice Day, there was a K-9 demonstration showing how a patrol dog can help apprehend suspects.

Criminal Justice Day on March, 24, 2022 included a demonstration of the Rockland County Sheriff’s Patrol K-9 Unit.  Two patrol dogs came to the Fury Lecture Hall in the Prusmack Center with their handlers, Sgt. Kevin Golden and Officer Joe Mercurio, to show students how they aid the Sheriff’s Patrol. 

Chief of Patrol Bill Barbera,  who is also a professor at Dominican College, and said the idea is to let students know about different career paths. “I’ve been teaching here for quite some time and I’ve always been talking about all the different types of jobs in law enforcement.  We have seven different dogs from five different disciplines.  These are just some examples of what students can find themselves doing for a career down the road,” he said. 

The K-9 unit demonstration was one of three presentations during Criminal Justice Day.  Chief Barbara also spoke about crime scene investigations.  In addition, there was a presentation by Christian Claudio, Chief at the National Center for Gang Training.