Dr. Mark Meachem is the Associate Professor of Communication and the Director of the Arts and Sciences Division here at Dominican University. He is married and has 4 sons, 3 of which are college students. Prior to teaching at Dominican University, Meachem was a college basketball coach. He received his B.A. in Journalism at St. Michael’s College, M.S. in Management Communication at Manhattanville College, and Ed.D in Media Studies at Fielding Graduate University. Dr. Meachem teaches one of the honors courses, Freedom of the Press. He expressed that this class differs from other Freedom of the Press courses because the students are more engaged in discussions and must have strong opinions backed up with information from texts. According to Dr. Meachem, having an Honors Program is a great idea to bring students that have the same focus together in classes that allow them to engage in more debate than other classes would. “I hope it grows and continues to grow!” Dr. Meachem stated.

~ Sapphire Hilton
Class of 2021