Kraigen Rasalla: Interview with the Director of the Business Division, Dr. Clare Pennino

There is a whole lot of activity occurring within the Business Division at Dominican University. Exciting new programs within the division are increasing interest in the business program as more options are providing students with different routes within the world of business. In addition, students are obtaining many internships and jobs based on their strong resumes, credentials, and knowledge from being enrolled in the Business Division at Dominican.

Dr. Clare Pennino is the Division Director of the Business Division at Dominican University. She uses her knowledge and skills from what she’s learned from over 15 years of corporate business experience to help her teach her courses, as well as guiding the department in a direction that is beneficial for all the students. “I really teach what I know,” says Dr. Pennino, “I enjoy it”. In addition to many years in the corporate world, Dr. Pennino earned numerous degrees throughout her career. A Bachelor’s in English literature, an MBA in Marketing Management, and a Doctorate in Business Education, Ethics and Management make up the impressive resume of Dr. Pennino.

Combining her corporate experience and her educational experience, Dr. Pennino likes to teach the practicalities of business to her students. Not only do her students focus on theory involved in business, but they also learn in real life business settings, while in the classroom. This creates diversity for the students, as they understand concepts of business while being able to put their knowledge into action. In addition, Dr. Pennino emphasizes skills such as communication, teamwork, and vision as assets that will allow students to become successful in the corporate world.

Putting their knowledge to work, students within the Business Division at Dominican University have gone on to earn internships and jobs within their areas of study. For example, one student recently obtained a marketing internship with Fisk Industries, a beauty care company located in Orangeburg, NY. Her passion and skills in marketing allowed her to have a positive experience during the internship. Right before graduation, Fisk Industries offered her a full time job for her efforts during her internship. In addition, some students have entered law school while others have gone on to earn finance internships working in Manhattan and Wall Street, as well.

The newest major within the Business Division is Sports Management. “We are hoping that it will take off because we have many students that come to the College for sports and they want to study business as well. Sometimes they don’t know what area of business to study so Sports Management will be a great opportunity,” says Dr. Pennino. A sports management major will complement the already existing programs of accounting, computer information systems, management, marketing, and economics.

New programs and exciting opportunities for business students are creating a buzz at Dominican University within the Business Division. Under the leadership of Division Director, Dr. Clare Pennino, the future of the business department is looking very bright as students are being provided new opportunities and learning the skills needed to succeed in the corporate business world.