Dear Student,

As you are aware, Dominican University waived the meal plan rollover policy in the Spring 2020 semester.  This allowed students to rollover unused meal plan balances into this academic year.  The applicable announcement was made on April 5, 2020 (ref.  This was an attempt to provide the most amount of flexibility for students and their families during the very uncertain time in the early days of the COVID pandemic.  Now that we have had more time to assess this action, we have found that the waiver of the carryover policy may not have worked as intended for some students.

The University will refund the unused portion of the Spring ’20 carryover balance to your student account.  This credit will only apply to the unused portion of the carryover and NOT to meal plans from the 20/21 academic year.  Other salient points:

Questions should be directed to Bursars Office (; 845-848-7805) or Residence Life ( ;845-848-7601)


Q: Can I get the credit in the form of a check as opposed to the remaining carryover balance credit being applied to my student account?
A: No, credits will be applied to your student your account.
Q: Can my remaining carryover balance credit be calculated sooner if I move out of residence prior to May 14, 2021?
A:  No, student meals will still be available to you if you choose to leave campus.
Q:  Will I get a larger credit for the time I spent off-campus in quarantine?
A:  This is one of the potential uses of the anticipated Spring 2020 meal plan carryover.  Therefore no additional adjustment will be made.
Q: Will this credit help my student account balance and allow me to register for Fall ’21 if I currently have a student account hold?
A:  This depends on the size of your student account balance and the size of the remaining carryover balance credit.  Please discuss with your student account representative in the Bursar’s Office.