O&R Grant Funds Upgraded Technology in Chemistry Labs

A Dominican University New York student using equipment purchased with an O&R grant.

The technology in Dominican University New York’s Chemistry Teaching Labs has been upgraded thanks to a grant from Orange & Rockland Utilities.  O&R awarded Dominican University $14,879 to purchase LabQuest 3 Advanced Chemistry packages.

“We are very grateful to O&R for funding these new supplies, which are being used by students majoring in biology, health science, teacher education, and environmental studies, in addition to those minoring in chemistry,” said Colleen Evans, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Chemistry. “The new supplies allow students to collect data such as pH, light absorbance, conductivity, pressure, and current. “

The equipment includes sensors, probes, a drop counter, a constant current system, and a spectrophotometer. The LabQuest 3 Advanced Chemistry packages allow students to have improved lab experiences in General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Biochemistry classes.