Mobile Registration

Download the App

If you haven’t downloaded the app, you can do so using the links below:

 Once you have downloaded the app, follow the instructions below: 

How to register for classes: 

  1. Login to the app
    Use the same credentials as your DC Portal login. Select “Remember Me” to save your password and login faster next time.
  2. Select the Students page
  3. Select “My Courses”
  4. Select “Course Search”
  5. Select the Term that you want to register for.
    Click Add Course.
  6. Enter criteria to find your class.
    You must use at least one criteria. Try to use only one criteria ata time when searching. Use one of the following:
    A. You can use partial searches in the Course Title (ex: “Hist”)
    B. You can use partial searches in the Course Code (ex: “AC” or “BI”)
    C. Select a department or faculty from the dropdown
  7. Click on the class to see the time and seats open.
    You may click Details to get more informationon the class. Click Add this course on the course you want.
  8. Once you’ve added all your classes, you can click the Email your Advisor link to notify youradvisor that you need courses approved. Check your advisor(s) that you want to notify and click Email your Advisor.

Online Registration

Go to:
Logon: Username-email username (ex: firstname.lastname1)
Password: ID#

  • On the left click course search
  • On this page, in the center, click course search
  • Choose the semester you are registering for – 2022-2023 WINTER and/or 2022-2023 SPRING  
  • Make sure correct Division is chosen, i.e.- undergrad, graduate, doctoral
  • Scroll down and click search
  • Click each course you are registering for and then click add courses
  • After you have selected all of your courses you will be prompted to send your advisor an email 
  • Move the scroll bar on the right all the way to the bottom and then to the right
  • You can then select your advisor and send the email for course approval
  • Click the email your advisor link and send the email for courses approval.

If you need further assistance, email the registrar’s office at