All candidates seeking admission to the Graduate Occupational Therapy Program must complete the undergraduate courses below. Equivalent courses previously taken at other institutions may be considered for transfer credit. Specific physical science courses listed below require a minimum grade of B-.  Social Sciences prerequisite courses require a minimum grade of C. Candidates must have an overall prerequisite GPA of at least 3.0


  1. Courses of ‘P’ are not accepted for any reason
  2. A very limited number of Social Sciences courses taken via CLEP may be accepted. The OT Program reserves the right to not accept a CLEP course that would otherwise be accepted by DUNY in general

Social Sciences Prerequisites – must earn a minimum of a C 

  • Statistics or Psychology Statistics | 3 CR
  • Lifespan Human Development | 3 CR – must include all life stages from birth to the end of the adult lifespan
  • Abnormal Psychology | 3 CR
  • Introduction to Sociology or an Introductory Anthropology | 3 CR

Physical Sciences Prerequisites – must earn a minimum of a B-

  • General Physics with lab | 3 or 4 CR – must include motion, force, light, sound, electricity, thermal energy (heat and cold) – must include application, not only concepts which require mathematical problem-solving – algebra-based course acceptable
  • Neuroscience or Neuroanatomy & Neurophysiology with or without lab | 3 or 4 CR – must be a biology course, not psychology
  • Anatomy & Physiology I with lab | 4 CR – taken within 5 years of applying
  • Anatomy & Physiology II with lab | 4 CR – taken within 5 years of applying

Prerequisites may only be repeated one time to achieve the minimum required grade

Recommended Coursework:

  • General Biology with or without lab | 3 or 4 CR
  • General Psychology | 3 CR
  • Ethics or Bioethics | 3 CR
  • Logic or Reasoning | 3 CR

IMPORTANT NOTE: No more than two undergraduate prerequisite courses should be in progress or remaining to be taken at the time of applying to the OT program. It is highly recommended that Anatomy & Physiology I and II as well as Physics are completed before applying, however, they must be completed by May 1st as accepted candidates begin the two graduate-level prerequisite courses that must be taken at DUNY beginning at the start of May (see below)

DUNY-Only Prerequisites:

The following graduate-level OT prerequisites are taken only by students officially accepted to enter the OT Program and only at DUNY in the Summer term starting in early May immediately before the OT Program begins in the Fall term:

  • OT 521 – Introduction to Occupational Therapy | 3 CR
  • OT 532 – Kinesiology in OT | 6 CR

All students must earn a minimum grade of B in both courses to proceed into the OT Program