Honors Lyceum Features Author of Children’s Book About Dementia

Dr. Linda Ganzenmuller spoke about her book “Everyday is Funday with Grandma Stella” at the 2022 Honors Lyceum.

At the 2022 Honors Lyceum, students heard from a psychologist who wrote a book to teach children how to interact with family members with dementia. Psychologist and children’s book author Dr. Linda Ganzenmuller was the guest speaker at the March 28, 2022, event.

Ganzenmuller is the author of “Everyday is Funday with Grandma Stella.”  AnnMarie Dellipizzi, Ph.D., Honors Program Director, said Ganzenmuller has a lot of experience working with seniors and wanted to find a way to talk to children about dementia.  “It’s really a therapy book.  Of course, the goal was directed toward children and showing them how to have fun or how to enjoy a loved one who has dementia by just focusing on the fun and doing things with them that make everybody happy,” said Dellipizzi.

Caregivers reading the book to young children can also benefit from the book’s message. Dellipizzi said the information could also be helpful to the nursing students who were among those who attended the the Honors Lyceum.