Senior Gift of Wall Mural Unveiled

senior gift

Members of the Senior Gift Committee unveiled the new wall mural in Granito Center on May 21, 2016.

On the eve of graduation, the Class of 2016 presented the College with a wall mural in the Granito Center depicting student life since the College was founded in 1952. The Senior  Gift has become an annual tradition at Dominican College and is a way for graduating seniors to show their appreciation to the College. 

 “With the mural, the buzz words are ‘our history, our life, our legacy.’  This gift is their legacy,” said Senior Advancement Officer Sal Pennino, who advised the 15 student members of the Senior Gift Committee.

The mural is on the second floor walkway of the Granito Center above the stairwell and foyer and includes photos of students at the college from the 1950’s until today. One of the first photos is of nuns ice skating at the college.  One of the last photos is of graduating students taking a selfie.

A short description of each of the photos is included in separate wall panels installed at eye level on the first floor of Granito Center,  near the entrance.

The unveiling of the Senior Gift takes place the day before graduation, after the Graduation Mass and before the Baccalaureate Awards. This year, the student committee lifted a drape covering the mural to reveal the wall mural for the first time.

The Senior Gift is funded partially through donations from graduating seniors and others interested in giving back to the school. To make a donation to the Senior Class Gift, please click here.

Past senior gifts include the Charlie the Charger statue, the Hennessy Center flag pole, and the Alumni Book of Remembrance.