3+3 B.A. in Biology + Doctor of Physical Therapy

Overview Admissions Requirements & Expectations

Traditional means of graduating with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy can take an average of 7-8 years between a bachelor’s degree, prerequisite requirements and the Physical Therapy Program. Identifying an early interest in the Physical Therapy profession while in high school can help you complete two degrees in 6 years. 

The B.A. in Biology is a traditional weekday program and transitions to a weekend based program (Friday- Sunday) every other week for the Physical Therapy Program. The layout allows for a traditional higher education experience while progressing to a flexible hybrid based Physical Therapy Program allowing flexibility in the student’s schedule. 

Entering DUNY Freshman requirements:

  • High school GPA is at least 3.3. 
  • At least 4 years of high school science coursework (Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy and Physiology).

Undergraduate requirements (once in the program): 

  • Maintain at least a 3.3 GPA overall and in the DPT prerequisite courses (with no prerequisite course grade below a C). 
  • Undergo a streamlined application to the DPT Program in the fall of their Junior year.

Program Design/Overview

Year 1-3: Dominican University New York’s traditional and transfer students have the option to satisfy some of the requirements of the Bachelor of Arts in Biology (Pre-Med track) while fulfilling the prerequisites of the Physical Therapy Program in the first three years of their academic career.

Year 3: The student will submit their application to the Physical Therapy Program. 

  • The Biology degree must be completed with at least a 3.3 GPA overall and in the DPT prerequisite courses (with no prerequisite course grade below a C).

Year 4: Will consist of the final requirements of the baccalaureate program in Biology integrated with the first year of the Physical Therapy Program, following the weekend format.

Year 5-6: Final 2 years of Physical Therapy school. 

  • Upon successful completion of the Biology requirements and the Physical Therapy curriculum, the student will be awarded the dual degree B.A./DPT (a Bachelor of Arts in Biology and a Doctor in Physical Therapy, respectively). 
  • Should an individual successfully complete the first 2 trimesters of the articulated Biology/Physical Therapy professional sequence, but not the remainder of the Physical Therapy Program, and if all other requirements for the Bachelor’s degree have been met, the student earns a Bachelor of Arts in Biology.



  1. Direct entry into a Physical Therapy Program if all standards are met, avoiding a very competitive admissions process. 
  2. Save money by being eligible for financial aid/scholarship for your 1st year of graduate school (PT Program) as you will be in your 4th year of undergraduate (Biology Program) as a Senior. 
  3. Attain 2 degrees 1 year sooner compared to a traditional 4 + 3 format. 
  4. No GRE required. 

Benefits of Physical Therapy

  1. Well respected doctoral profession.
  2. Well paid.
  3. In demand with 100% job success rates.
  4. High job satisfaction.
  5. Many career opportunities to help people.