Abstract Submission

  • Instructions and submission

    Your abstract (for platforms and posters) should be submitted as an attachment in this form. Make sure to include: Your name, School, Chapter, Title of the presentation, and whether it is a poster or an oral presentation.

    • Your abstract attachment should be prepared in Microsoft Word. Convert all Macintosh documents to Word before submitting the attachment.

    • Type the abstract in 9 point Arial (Times Roman if Arial is not available), with margins of 1 inch right and 2 1/2 inches left.

    • Do not place hard returns at ends of lines; allow word wrapping.

    • The abstract is not to exceed 200 words.

    • Abstracts will be used as printed, so make sure to proof read them carefully; no corrections will be made. Each abstract from a chapter must be submitted in a separate form.

    For examples of the proper form, see below.


    Geiman,AnnaM.MuIota,NorthernKentuckyUniversity. Evaluationofmethodstotestcommon skin antiseptics. Antiseptic hand sanitizers were tested for effectiveness using the Kirby-Bauer disk method. Previous studies have shown this method to be effective in the evaluation of microbial growth inhibition. However, the volatile nature..... ***

  • Max. file size: 50 MB.