Our experienced faculty teaches our job-ready business management degree using a well-rounded, diverse program that’ll provide you with great career prospects and allow you to earn a Bachelor of Science-Management upon completion. Whether you’re interested in completing a major in business management or a minor in business, when you choose to study at Dominican University you’ll learn business skills that will help you stand out when applying for jobs.

Our motto is ‘Doing Business Right’. So, our faculty will teach you how to be successful in business as well as how to do business in a way that improves our world. These are particularly valuable skills that are increasingly sought after due to the increasing consumer demand for sustainable and ethical business practices.

Throughout your studies, you’ll learn all the critical business theory and history you need to build a successful career in business. But it’s not all books and theory. Our faculty creates exciting and engaging classes that give you real-world learning within the classroom, and you’ll also complete at least one internship with a local or national business to ensure you develop an excellent grasp of how to apply all that new knowledge. Many students also use their internships to land awesome jobs with the same businesses upon graduation.

While we teach most of our classes in-person during the day, we also offer evening classes and online business management courses. So, if you’ve got other responsibilities, you’ll easily be able to fit your studies into your busy schedule.

Of course, going to college isn’t just about academics, so we’ve made sure you’ll get the support you need to succeed with your studies while also having heaps of fun along the way. If you choose Dominican University, you’ll have the opportunity to join any of a wide range of clubs, really flex your athletic muscles, and take advantage of everything the nearby New York has to offer.

With a business management degree, you could become anything from an account manager to a business manager for a sports team to a CEO of an international corporation. And at Dominican University, you’ll have a great college experience while you earn your BS  in Management. 

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A job-ready business management degree to prepare you for an ethical and profitable career in business

The highest levels of personal support

Staff who are committed to your success

The finest small-college athletic program in the region

A spirited campus environment

Close proximity to New York City and three major airports

The Dominican Difference

My time in the program has been both rewarding and gratifying. The program, which is favorable for nurses who are balancing both professional and personal commitments, allows students to plan their schedule easily. The professors are all practicing NPs who bring both their expertise and wisdom to the classroom every day and challenge students in a supportive and enriching environment.

Marlene Veselsky, RN, BSN FNP Graduate ’14


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Doing Management Right

Dominican University’s Bachelor of Science in Management promotes our motto of ‘Doing Business Right’ – which means learning to be successful through modern business techniques while also making the world a better place.

Leadership in a global, multi-cultural setting requires understanding, empathy, and a strong ethical and moral grounding. Organizations that place a high value on morals and ethics are respected by both employees and society. The Management program at Dominican University will prepare ethical business leaders for a complex and changing world and provide a solid foundation of knowledge and experience that can help our students inspire change and innovation so that they can thrive personally and serve their communities. This is what we consider “Doing Management Right.”

Job Opportunities

There are so many types of careers you can build with a business management degree. You could build your own business in any field, or you could seek employment with banks, software companies, consumer goods manufacturers, or pretty much any other business.

Here are just some of the types of jobs you might secure with a business management degree:

  • Accountant
  • Bookkeeper
  • Financial analyst
  • Accounts manager
  • Administrative assistant
  • HR manager
  • Sales associate
  • Sales manager
  • Customer service associate
  • Marketing manager
  • Advertising manager
  • Business analyst

What You’ll Learn

When you enroll in a Dominican University business management program, you’ll learn the most effective business management tactics, but you’ll also learn so much more than the mechanics of how to run a business. You’ll develop effective leadership skills, learn how to think strategically about business issues, learn how to succeed in an ethical manner, develop strong problem-solving skills so you can analyze problems through both quantitative and qualitative approaches, and so much more. You’ll study marketing, business finance, and entrepreneurship and you’ll learn how to manage sales and marketing departments. You’ll also learn important basic skills ranging from creating presentations to speaking in public to how to use basic business technology. And you’ll learn how to apply all this to real-world issues.

Degree Details


The cost of attendance is an estimate of what it will cost to attend Dominican University for an academic year.

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When you enroll in the Dominican University business management program, you can choose to complete a Bachelor of Science in Management or a Minor in Business.

For a BS-Management, you’ll complete 120 credits consisting of:

  • 60 credits from the liberal arts division
  • 31 core credits (MG 211, MK 114, IX 250, BU 213, AC 111, AC 112, FN 226, MG 310, MG 355, MG 474)
  • Nine credits of management courses (one of which must be MG 341)
  • 15 elective credits
  • Three internship or practicum credits
  • Two Freshman Seminar credits

For a Minor in Business, you’ll complete 18 credits consisting of:

  • Units MG 211, MK 114, AC 111
  • Three other business courses

If you’re interested in pursuing a Masters in Business Administration, you’ll earn the most credits towards that post-graduate degree if your elective business courses are FN 226, MG 341, and MG 343 or MG 345.


If you undertake a Bachelor of Science-Management, you’ll also have the option of choosing one or more specializations:

  • Financial Management — If you’re particularly interested in the finance side of running a business, then this concentration is for you. The program includes education about corporate asset and debt management, investment in capital assets and working capital, budgeting, and the investment process. To complete this concentration, you’ll need to choose financial and economic elective units.
  • International Management — If you particularly want to manage businesses that operate internationally, this concentration is a great choice. You’ll develop functional knowledge, skills, and insights in international marketing, finance, economics, and management.
  • Sports Management — If you love sports and think you might like to manage sports businesses, you’ll love this concentration. You’ll learn about all the usual business administration topics but through the lens of the sports industry. This concentration is particularly useful if you’re interested in a career in team organization, working with athletic foundations, media, professional services (such as event planning), and facility management.

If you undertake a minor in business, you can choose to complete a sports management minor which consists of SM 210, SM 311, SM 320, SM 340, SM 370, and one SM elective.

IACBE Accreditation

The Division of Business Administration at Dominican University of Blauvelt has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) located at 11374 Strang Line Road in Lenexa, Kansas, USA.

Department Staff

Ivan Rudolph-Shabinsky, B.A., M.B.A., CFA

Ivan Rudolph-Shabinsky, B.A., M.B.A., CFA

Director of DBA, Assistant Professor

Clare Pennino, B.A., M.B.A., Ph.D.

Clare Pennino, B.A., M.B.A., Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Business Administration

Matt Schiering, B.S., M.B.A

Matt Schiering, B.S., M.B.A


Carrie Boericke, BA, MA

Carrie Boericke, BA, MA

Lecturer, PHIT Project Manager

Lori Massad, BSBA, MBA

Lori Massad, BSBA, MBA


Don Hsu, PhD

Don Hsu, PhD

Associate Professor of CIS and International Management

Michael Hoffman, B.S., M.B.A., C.P.A

Michael Hoffman, B.S., M.B.A., C.P.A

Assistant Professor of Accounting

John Spillner, B.B.A., M.B.A

John Spillner, B.B.A., M.B.A

Assistant Professor of Business Administration

Russell Diaz, A.A.S, B.S., M.S.

Russell Diaz, A.A.S, B.S., M.S.

Chief Information Officer, Academic Technology Coordinator and Adjunct Instructor

Karen Michalowski, AAS, BS

Karen Michalowski, AAS, BS

Adjunct Professor

Denise Dawkins Weir, MS

Denise Dawkins Weir, MS

Administrative Assistant, PHIT Internship Coordinator

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