The Ideal Cybersecurity Student

Are you wondering if you’re the right fit for our program? If you possess the following qualities, you might be tailor-made for a successful career in cybersecurity:

  • Strong Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills: Navigate complex challenges with ease.
  • Critical and Creative Thinking: Stay one step ahead of cybercriminals by thinking both critically and creatively.
  • Effective Communication and Teamwork Skills: Collaborate seamlessly in a team-based environment.
  • Passion for Technology and Security: Fuel your curiosity and interest in the ever-evolving world of technology.
  • Attention to Detail: Spot potential threats and vulnerabilities through meticulous attention.

Hybrid Learning Format

At Dominican University New York, we understand the importance of flexibility in education. Our hybrid learning format combines the best of both worlds, offering you the opportunity to engage in both online and on-campus experiences. This approach ensures you can tailor your learning to fit your schedule and preferences.

Are you ready to step into the dynamic field of cybersecurity? Join us at Dominican University New York and be part of a program that shapes the future defenders of the digital world.

Some of the courses in Cybersecurity concentration are offered through Dominican University’s partnership with LCMC, a national consortium of private colleges. These courses are designed by top academics, reviewed by industry leaders, and taught online–synchronously or asynchronously–by qualified faculty from other colleges within the LCMC consortium.

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Potential Careers (All Stats 2022)

Information Security Analyst

Average Salary (No Exp): $81K (Glassdoor)
Average Salary (7-9 years): $102K
Median Salary: $112K (BLS)

Information Security Manager

Average Salary (No Exp): $131K (Glassdoor)
Average Salary (7-9 years): $155K

Cybersecurity Analyst

Average Salary (No Exp): $83K (Glassdoor)
Average Salary (7-9 years): $103K

Cybersecurity Engineer

Average Salary (No Exp): $107K (Glassdoor)
Average Salary (7-9 years): $135K

Department Staff

Ivan Rudolph-Shabinsky, B.A., M.B.A., CFA

Ivan Rudolph-Shabinsky, B.A., M.B.A., CFA

Director of DBA, Assistant Professor

Carrie Boericke, BA, MA

Carrie Boericke, BA, MA

PHIT Project Manager and Assistant Professor

Russell Diaz, A.A.S, B.S., M.S.

Russell Diaz, A.A.S, B.S., M.S.

Chief Information Officer, Academic Technology Coordinator and Adjunct Instructor

Denise Dawkins Weir, MS

Denise Dawkins Weir, MS

Administrative Assistant, PHIT Internship Coordinator

Mary McLean-Hely

Mary McLean-Hely

Director of Online Education/Instructional Technologist, Interim Coordinator for Information Technology Program

Jovan Žigić

Jovan Žigić

Adjunct Professor

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