When can I visit Dominican University?
We will be happy to schedule a convenient time for you to visit Dominican University. Tours are usually given weekdays and some Saturdays, by appointment. Also, you can attend our Fall and Spring Open Houses. Learn more at dc.edu/visit or reach us toll free at 1-(866) 4DC-INFO.

Do you provide tutoring services?
Yes. Tutors are available through our Academic Success Center. Faculty or peer tutors can help you get started on an assignment, editing a paper or math tutoring. Other academic support services are also offered.

Does the College offer academic/athletic scholarships?
Yes, we do. Please contact our Office of Admissions (866-4DC-INFO) to find out about your eligibility for an academic award. Athletic awards are given through the athletics office by coaches and the Director of Athletics. 100 percent of freshmen students receive some type of financial aid. More information is available from the Financial Aid Office.

Are other forms of Financial Aid available?
Dominican University offers need-based grants. In addition, the College participates in federal and New York State financial aid programs. More information is available from the Financial Aid Office.

Is a separate application required for scholarships?
No. We will automatically review your application file for scholarships. There is no separate paperwork.

What are the costs of tuition/room and board?
Please call our Office of Admissions at 866-4DC-INFO for the latest information. Or visit the cost of attendance page.

Do incoming freshman receive academic advisement?
Yes, at Freshman Registration you will have a Faculty Advisor specifically trained to register freshman. The advisor will provide one-on-one advisement.

What majors are you known for?
We are very well known for our programs in Business, Teacher Education, Allied Health (including Nursing, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy), Psychology, and Social Work.

Do you offer internship opportunities?
Yes. Some majors will allow you to do an internship as early as sophomore year. You will work with your academic advisor and the Career Development Center to set up your internship.

What type of housing are freshman given?
Freshman are generally placed usually in doubles or triples. Hertel Hall and Rosary Hall, our Residence Centers are both modern and comfortable facilities, your home away from home.

Can freshman have cars?
Yes. You can sign up for your parking permit when you come to register for classes. There is no additional cost.

How do I know when my application is complete? How will I know if I am admitted to the College?
Your Freshman Admissions Counselor will be in touch with you early on in the admissions and  enrollment process. Students are always contacted by e-mail, telephone and regular mail. We will let you know as soon as your file is complete.

Do you have support services specifically for freshmen?
Yes. We have a Freshman Directorate, made up of the Freshman Director, Assistant Director, Faculty and Peer Advisors. They assist incoming freshman with the transition to their first year at Dominican University. That includes academic advisement and help in dealing with issues related to college life. The Freshman Seminar addresses such topics as time management, study skills, career exploration and program requirements.

Are services available for students with special needs?
Yes. We have a Coordinator of Special Services who can set up accommodations and other arrangements for students who have special needs.

What is the history of the College?
The College was founded by the Dominican Sisters of Baluvelt in 1952. We have grown to offer over 30 undergraduate and graduate programs and two doctoral programs.

Other questions?
Please call or write to us here:
Tel: 1-(866) 4DC-INFO (toll free) or (845)-848-7901
Fax: (845) 365-3150
E-mail: admissions@duny.edu