Resident Meal Plans

DU Value

$2,175 Meal Dollars | $50 Dominican Dollars

DU Standard $2,485 (Student Favorite)

$2,385 Meal Dollars | $100 Dominican Dollars

DU Plus+

$2,325 Meal Dollars | $400 Dominican Dollars

DU Premium

$2,700 Meal Dollars | $500 Dominican Dollars

Commuter and Staff Meal Plans

Plan 1
Pay $300

$250 Meal Plan Dollars | $50 Dominican Dollars

Plan Details | These plans are open to commuter students, staff & faculty and are completely optional. | Plans must be purchased outright and are not subject to financial aid or added to your student account. | At the end of the spring semester, any unused meal plan balances are forfeited, DC$ will remain unaffected. | Food and beverages purchased at college eateries with a meal plan are not subject to NY State sales tax.

DUNY Dollars can be used for meals and snacks at campus dining halls, vending machines, or for purchases at participating offsite vendors. You can check your balance and/or make deposits to your plan at

Dining Services