CASE ON-LINE 2015- 2016

Course#                              Course Name                                                                 Instructor

Session I              September 1, 2015 to October 22, 2015

              AR 228 V G                         Art Around the world                                    Ruth Neabore

              EN 225 C L1                       Classical Literature                                         Ellen Dolgin

              FN 226 L2                          Principles in Finance (Part 1)                       John Spillner

              MG 211 L1                          Intro to Management                                    Clare Pennino

              MG 341 L1                         Human Relations of Management               AnnMarie DiSiena

              PS 101 S L1                         General Psychology  I                                     Christine Newcombe

Session II             October 27, 2015 to December 17, 2015

               BU 213 L2                           Business Law                                                     Jerry Fleisher

               CI 211 L2                             Intro to Computer Based Systems                  Phil Sciame

               CJ 113 L2                            Intro to Criminal Justice                                 Colby Valentine

               CS 221 L2                           Persuasion and Argumentation                     AnnMarie DiSiena

               EN 113 L2                           Intro to Literature                                            Rob Stauffer

               EN 115 L2                           Enhanced Writing                                             Diana Wilkins

               FN 226 L2                          Principles in Finance (Part 2)                         John Spillne

               MG 474 L2                          Business Policy                                                  Vicky Szerko

               PS 102 S L2                         General Psychology II                                       Christine Newcombe

               RS 224 M L2                       Religion and Human Experience                    Giovanna Czander

 Session III           January 5, 2016 to February 25, 2016

               CJ 226 L1                           Police, Citizen, and Community                                 Tara Parrello

               CS 266 L1                            Global Communication                                                Burns

               EN 444 V L1                      The Search for Identify:American Fiction                 Kate Hickey

               MA 113 L2                          College Algebra (Part I)                                                Debra Moniz

                MA 118 L2                          Enhanced Math (Part I )                                             Peggy Mulligan

               MA 225 L1                          Intro to Statistics                                                           Peggy Mulligan

               MG 310 L1                          Business, Society, and Corporate Values                 Clare Pennino

                PS 113 L1                            Developmental Psychology I                                     Christine Newcombe

               PS 236 L2                            Social Psychology                                                        Beth Kornreich

Session IV           March 15, 2016 to May 5, 2016

               CS/MG 373 L2                   Leadership, Power, and Influence                               AnnMarie DiSiena

               MA 113 L2                          College Algebra (Part 2)                                                 Debra Moniz

               MA 118 L2                           Enhanced Math ( Part 2)                                              Peggy Mulligan

               MK 114 L2                          Intro to Marketing                                                          Vicky Szerko

               MG 364 L2                          Business Ethics in Film and Literature                       Clare Pennino

               PS 114 L2                             Developmental Psychology II                                   Christine Newcombe

               RS 226 P L2                        Religion in America                                                      Giovanna Czander

               SO 224 V L2                        Sociology of the Family                                              Jean-Max Naissant

Session V            May 10, 2016 to June 30, 2016 

              HI 222 C L1                         Classical Civilization                                                        Michael Diaz

               MA 116 L2                            Finite Math (Part 1)                                                          Lydia Maynard

               PS 350 L1                             Motivation Psychology                                                    Michael Ainette

               SS 221 L1                            Quantitative Methods                                                         Beth Kornreich

Session VI            July 5, 2016 to August 25, 2016

               CS 111 L2                             Oral Communication                                                   Andrew Burns

               MA 116 L2                            Finite Math (Part 2)                                                     Lydia Maynard

               MG 355 L2                          International Management                                          Vicky Szerko

               PS 331 L2                            Psychological Statistics                                                 Beth Kornreich

              SO 334 V L2                         Deviance : Changing Sociological                               Tara Parrello

                                                              Perspectives on Race, Class, and Gender