What is PHIT?

Public Health Informatics and Technology (PHIT) is a developing field that brings advances in data science to work toward improving public health.

This includes: 

  • Coping with pandemics
  • Addressing health disparities in the community
  • Using data to make the population healthier and safer
  • Emergency Preparedness

What You’ll Learn

The PHIT certificate program for candidates who already possess a bachelor’s degree will consist of four courses (a total of 12 credits) which can be completed in one or two years.  Classes will be offered remotely, with evening synchronous instruction (50%) and asynchronous learning (50%).  Assistance in matching candidates with an optional internship for practical experience will be provided by the PHIT Internship Coordinator.

Pursuing the certificate in PHIT will equip you with data science, data management, and project management skills essential in today’s working environment while preserving your interests in health care and public service.  Your PHIT Force studies will finish with an Emergency Preparedness course involving a role-play emergency incident exercise.

PHIT Careers

Career prospects in PHIT are excellent and varied.  This interdisciplinary field is developing and expanding before our eyes.  The CDC, Hospitals, Community Health Centers, patient advocacy groups, health IT companies, and more will need an increasing number of public health informaticists to manage and link up population health data.

Technology is revolutionizing our world.  Many of the most successful companies today arose from the marriage of technology with something that existed before. For instance, Amazon married shopping with technology. Uber married a car service with technology. Bumble married dating with technology. If you are passionate about helping people and believe public health is something you would be interested in, consider this program that marries public health with technology. This is your opportunity to be there at the start of something that will revolutionize how society deals with health disparities, opioid addiction, pandemics, emergency response, and much more.


The following Public Health Informatics and Technology courses will be available for the 2023/2024 academic year:


 IX202/HL202—Introduction to Public Health Informatics and Technology 

IX302/HL302 – Data Literacy and Health Information Exchange 


HL411 – Health Information Management HL422/IX422 – Emergency Preparedness and Management for Public 


Five PHIT courses will be available for instruction for the Spring 2024 term.  

IX202/HL202—Introduction to Public Health Informatics and Technology (Day and Evening)

IX302/HL302 – Data Literacy and Health Information Exchange (Day and Evening)

HL411 – Health Information Management (Evening)

HL422/IX422 – Emergency Preparedness and Management for Public Health (Evening – in person)

Do You PHIT?

Do you have a sense of mission to help improve lives?
Do you have a passion for analyzing data and solving puzzles?
Do you have the ability to ‘translate’ ideas to diverse people?
If you answered yes to these questions, this program is right for you!

Interested in learning more?

Contact Assistant Professor Carrie Boericke at carrie.boericke@duny.edu