The Class of 2020 Moves Into Residence Halls

Move-In 2016 013

Freshman Gianluca Barecchia said he decided that Dominican College was the right school for him because it was “welcoming and homey.”

The Class of 2020 moved into their residence halls during Move-In Day on Thursday, August 25, 2016. The freshmen come from 13 states across the country.  Almost 26 percent of the incoming freshmen plan to study nursing. The other top majors that freshmen have expressed interest in are athletic training, psychology, biology, and management. 

Freshman Gianluca Barecchia said it just took one visit to Dominican College for him to decide this was the place for him. “It seemed very welcoming and homey,” he said. “It felt like a home away from home.”

Barecchia was also impressed with Dominican College’s commitment to service. Barecchia is an EMT in North Branford, CT and has accumulated 800 hours of community service working for the volunteer ambulance corp, in a children’s hospital, at a church, and in a pantry for the needy. 

Freshmen attend several days of orientation activities before starting class on Monday, August 29.

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