Climate Class Inspires Student to Launch an Eco-friendly Business

Student Shailei Kraft started selling eco-friendly T-shirts like the one she is wearing in this photo as an assignment for her Climate Science and Action class.

Student Shailei Kraft said choosing to take a class called Climate Science and Action as an elective this past spring was one of the best decisions she ever made.  It opened her eyes to global warming and made her want to spread awareness.  When Shailei was assigned a class project to encourage others to pay attention to their carbon footprint, she launched an online business called ecoly-cute.

“I started creating these eco-friendly products in hopes that people would buy them because they are eco-ly cute, but also because they will act as posters hung up all around the world,” said Shailei. “The only way to stop climate change is having everyone on the same page.”

The women’s T-shirts, which are made of 65% recycled polyester and 35% cotton, have sayings such as “Save our  Earth” and “There is no Planet B.”  In addition, Shailei tries not to generate any waste in making the shirts, reusing her scraps of fabric.  The T-shirts are modeled by Shailei on her website

The Climate Science and Action class that inspired Shailei was taught by Professor Kathleen Hinge.  Student Maddie Walker also worked on the class project.