College Places Students in Record Number of Internships

Dominican College students were placed in more internships during the 2016-2017 school year than ever before. Evelyn Fiskaa, Director of Career Development, said students were placed in 103 paid and unpaid internships. 

Fiskaa said students benefit from internships in a number of ways. “It gives them an opportunity to try out a field to see if they really like that field or not.  It’s an opportunity for them to build some skills in their area of interest,” she said. “It’s a resume builder, an opportunity to have a mentor, and also to develop professional contacts and networking for the future.” 

In addition, Fiskaa said many large companies are looking to hire student interns full time after they graduate.

Dominican College students intern in a variety of locations throughout the tristate area. A number of new organizations were added to the list this past year, including the MSG Garden of Dreams Foundation, Columbia University, and the Hackensack University Medical Center.  

Fiskaa attributes the increase in internships to the addition of an internship coordinator/career counselor in her office who assists in meeting with students and doing classroom presentations. In addition, the College has cultivated more relationships with employers. She said there is an increased awareness among faculty about the benefits of internships as well.


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