Criminal Justice Students Participate in Police Boot Camp

Joe Nyce Parrello spoke to criminal justice students about how to promote better police community relations within our schools and in the streets.

Criminal justice students who are considering a career in law enforcement took part in the College’s first Police Boot Camp on October 3, 2019 in the Hennessy Center.  Motivational speaker and Harrison Police Officer Joe Nyce Parrello administered the Cooper physical fitness test to the aspiring police officers and encouraged the students to become officers only if they are doing it for the right reasons – to make a difference and to help people.

“Being a police officer is an amazing job.  You have the opportunity to affect the lives of thousands of people over the course of your career,”  he said.  “But it’s also a very dangerous job and a very tough job.  Right now it is not easy to be a police officer in the United States.”

Parrello believes that individual police officers can be part of the solution by always treating others with respect and by building relationships in the community.  He is a cousin of Tara Parrello, Ph.D., Coordinator of the Criminal Justice Program.