Dominican University Partners with SAGE Scholars to offer FastTrak Pre-Admission

Dominican University New York has partnered with SAGE Scholars to offer FastTrak, an innovative nationwide admissions program where colleges offer high school seniors a preliminary admissions decision before the student applies.

Emma Fortunato, Director of Admissions, said Dominican University was among a select number of colleges chosen by SAGE Scholars to participate in the inaugural year of FastTrak, which is a big benefit for students. “It takes away the stress of having to go through the application process and find out if you are going to be admitted,” she said.

Fortunato explained that FastTrak is only available to students whose parents work for companies that offer SAGE Scholars tuition rewards as an employee benefit. 

Dr. James B. Johnston, president of SAGE Scholars and creator of the FastTrak program said, “There is an emerging trend in higher education to simplify, streamline and make the college admissions processing time and cost efficient and less frustrating for students, families and the colleges.”