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Cleaning and Disinfecting Buildings

Aramark will clean and disinfect areas in accordance with guidance issued by the CDC and the Rockland County and New York State Departments of Health. There will be frequent cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and high transit areas such as restrooms and common areas.  The University will use the Exhibit C, Section VI of its Aramark contract and the Custodial Schedule as a baseline for cleaning and disinfecting.

Aramark staff will adhere to PPE, hygiene and sanitation requirements from the CDC and the Department of Health and maintain cleaning logs onsite that document the date, time and scope of the cleaning.

Additional actions taken to help ensure the safety of students and employees include, but not limited to:

  • Regular use of EPA-registered disinfectants
  • Use of Oxivir wipes
  • Certified staff in disinfection process
  • Particular attention to “high touch” surfaces (e.g. counters, door knobs);

In accordance with CDC guidelines, the University conducted routine HVAC maintenance in advance of the regular schedule. Areas of evaluation include general ventilation adjustments in buildings, such as increasing ventilation and increasing the amount of outdoor air used by the system. Maintain the indoor air temperature and humidity at comfortable levels for building occupants. Use of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers) guidance where and if applicable to the HVAC mechanical systems is ongoing.

New Signage

The University has developed a portfolio of signage and decals to guide building occupants and visitors as they enter, travel through, occupy, and exit buildings. Common areas in buildings will have reminders of safe hygiene practices and other important information.

  • Follow clear markings for the designated traffic in corridors/hallways
  • To avoid congestion, some building doors may be designated as ENTER ONLY and others as EXIT ONLY
  • Elevators are limited to occupancy as posted. Some elevators may have varying capacity; signage on each elevator will indicate maximum occupancy. 
  • Everyone is encouraged to use the stairs whenever possible. UP and DOWN staircases will be designated

Parking Lots and Outdoor Common Areas

Physical distancing should be adhered to in parking lots and outdoor common areas. Faculty, staff, and students must wear a mask or face covering upon exiting their vehicle and when the required six feet of distancing cannot be maintained. 

Cooke Hall

Admittance to Cooke Hall is no longer by appointment only, but the following University guidance must be maintained at Cooke Hall:

  • Masks must be worn inside the building.  (Reception will continue to have masks for those who do not have one)
  • Visitors will need to continue to sign in at the reception desk and have temperature taken.
  • All plexiglass will remain.

Most issues can be addressed without person to person contact.  There is a depository for paperwork or payments located outside of Cooke Hall to the far left of the main entrance door.  Please notify the appropriate office if you place anything in the depository.

Students needing other assistance can contact the Registrar’s office, Bursar’s office and Financial Aid staff via the phone numbers or email addresses listed below:



Avoid person to person contact:

If you are handing in requested documentation, please use the DEPOSITORY located at the far left side of the main entrance.



Avoid person to person contact:

  • To add courses or revise a course schedule: Email your advisor the changes you want to make.  When you receive a return email from your advisor with their approval, forward the emails to


To pay your bill (by check or credit card) or set up a payment plan please visit

Avoid person to person contact:

To remove a hold from your account:

  1. pay your balance due or set up a payment plan at AND
  2. complete any missing financial aid documents

For questions regarding your bill or payments, please contact your student account representative:

For Last Names

A – F Linda Scheulen
G – N Jeannie Caserma845-848-7828
O – ZDiane
For any additional questions or concerns, please contact:
Assistant BursarElizabeth