Gifts of Stocks or Securities

Contributing appreciated securities is a convenient method to show your support for Dominican University while also benefiting from tax incentives.

How to Donate Securities


Your broker has the capability to transfer your securities to Dominican University’s account. Alternatively, your broker could establish an account in the university’s name at your brokerage firm, move the securities to this account, sell them, and forward the proceeds to the university. The valuation of your securities on the transfer day, determined as the average of the highest and lowest values, will be acknowledged as your gift amount to the university.

Broker Information:

Morgan Stanley – Suzy- 212-692-2854; DTC #: 0015, acct. # 478027454-319

Kindly inform either us or your broker about the estimated transfer date by contacting us at (845) 848-7409


Unfortunately, donor names are occasionally omitted from electronic transfers. By notifying us of your contribution, we can accurately match the received stock with your gift record. Feel free to reach out to us via phone, email, or written correspondence with the following details:

  • Name of the transferred stock
  • Quantity of shares
  • Originating brokerage firm of the transferred stock
  • Approximate transfer date
  • Desired allocation of the gift at Dominican University

Tax Benefits

You become eligible for an income tax deduction equivalent to the full market value on the day of the gift, provided you’ve held the securities for over 12 months.

Most donors effectively avoid the capital gains tax that would otherwise apply to the sale of the securities.