Healthcare Symposium Focuses on Telemedicine

Joan Facelle, M.D., Former Rockland County Commissioner of Health and Vice Chair of the Dominican College Board of Trustees, moderated the 8th Annual Healthcare Symposium.

Dominican College’s 8th Annual Healthcare Symposium focused on Issues in the New Age of Telemedicine.  The Zoom symposium on February 23, 2022, highlighted concerns about telehealth delivery, data security, privacy issues, and insurance coverage. 

 In her opening remarks, Panel Moderator Joan Facelle, M.D., Former Rockland County Commissioner of Health, said the topic of telemedicine was timely because of the tremendous growth in remote medical visits during the pandemic. “Telemedicine and telehealth visits have grown rapidly during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Lockdowns, and health risks due to COVID-19 made these visits very attractive with obvious benefits,” she said.   

Patients were encouraged to check whether remote medical visits were covered by their insurance company and to get the response in writing.  The panelists who participated in the symposium included Abigail Richman, Family Nurse Practitioner, Firefly Health; Ernie Garcia, Director of Informatics & EMR, Cornerstone Family Healthcare; and Adria Goldman Gross, CEO & Founder, Medwise Insurance Advocacy, Division of Medwise Billing, Inc.