History Club Steps Back in Time for Debate

Shown above is the winning Loyalist team preparing before the debate at the ’76 House in Tappan.

Students in the Dominican College History Club  stepped back in time to debate whether the colonies should seek independence from Britain at the ‘76 House in Tappan on November 16, 2017. Christopher Libertini, Assistant Professor of History, said the Loyalists won the debate over the Patriots.

“This was an idea generated from the curator of the Orangetown Historical Museum and Archives as they look for ways to deepen a collaboration between the museum and the History Club,” he said.

The collaboration has allowed students to creatively learn about history in the area and has opened up opportunities for internships at the Orangetown Historical Museum and Archives. Professor Libertini said it will also be helpful as Dominican College prepares to host the 2018 Phi Alpha Theta New York-New Jersey Regional Conference in April.  Phi Alpha Theta is the National Honor Society for History.