Honors Night Showcases Best Students

Front row, left to right: Michelle Migliaccio, Victoria Szabo, Christine Ditzel, and Alexa Trembone. Back row, left to right: Jennifer Heller, Tarik Stowe, and Eric Rizzo.

The best and brightest students at Dominican College were showcased on Thursday, April 26, during the Honors Night celebration.  AnnMarie DelliPizzi, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology and Honors Program Director,  spoke at the ceremony before a total of eight juniors and seniors in the program presented their honors projects.

“The projects that will be presented here tonight, summed up in a 10-minute presentation, represent countless hours of hard work and dedication, not only by the students, but also by their faculty mentors,“ said DelliPizzi.  “Education is so important to these students, that they have utilized whatever “spare” time they had to complete these projects, while simultaneously completing the demanding requirements of their own majors.  Getting to this point is difficult, but these students have persevered and we are proud.”

The honors students who presented their projects were: Christine Ditzel, Victoria Szabo, Emily Lazarus, Eric Rizzo, Tarik Stowe, Michelle Migliaccio, Jennifer Heller, and Alexa Trembone,

DelliPizzi said Honors Night is a celebration of these students who have strived for the best and understand the meaning of excellence.  The students were presented with a gold cord to wear on graduation day to signify that they successfully completed the requirements of the honors program.