On September 12, students in the Honors Program were welcomed back to the fall semester with an ice cream social. Students enjoyed ice cream from a create-your-own sundae bar while they mingled with other honors students and faculty.

On October 12, several honors students were able to attend the trip to the Eastern State Penitentiary which was sponsored by the Criminal Justice Club. As a perk of being in the Honors Program, students were able to purchase tickets for half price. After a tour of the penitentiary, students went to the haunted attraction “Terror Behind the Walls”.

On October 13, honors students taking Dr. Sassano’s Dawn of Mathematics class went on a field trip to the National Museum of Mathematics in New York City. The National Museum of Mathematics is designed to provide hands-on activities explore the creative, human, and aesthetic nature of mathematics. The Honor’s Program students rode tricycles with square wheels on a specially designed track, worked with patterns and puzzles, and explored position, velocity, and acceleration with a full-body movement experience, among other things. They were able to see how mathematics relates to the world around them in fun and useful ways, and since Dawn of Math looks at the development of mathematics as the result of human needs and curiosity it was a great fit!!

On Election Day, the Anatomy and Physiology I honors section went with Dr. Sarro and Dr. DelliPizzi to visit the Museum of Natural History in New York City. At the museum, students broke off into small groups exploring the museum and presented their favorite exhibit during the next class meeting.

Although they loved all the exhibits, the students were particularly amazed at how similar the dinosaur bones were to the human bones that they had finished learning about. After a busy day at the museum, the famished students went to Ray’s Pizza for lunch.

The Honors Program co-sponsored a Glow in the Dark Dodgeball Tournament along with the Psychology Club. Students from the Anatomy and Physiology I honors section formed a team and although they didn’t win the tournament, the certainly showed their Charger spirit.