Kyle Morgan: Do Pets Remember Us While We Are At School

Kyle Morgan

Do Pets Remember Us While We Are At School

Leaving to go back to school is always an emotional time.  We are leaving our comfy bed, our loving parents, and our good friends.  But let’s not forget our pets.  They are always there to comfort us when we are down and make us feel better.  Obviously, we miss them so much, but the real question is, do they miss us?  It’s hard to get inside the mind of an animal.  However, I am totally convinced that our pets miss us just as much as we miss them.  Every time I left to head back to school my dog could sense it.  He could see me pack up my things and put my bags by the door. He would then lay in front of them almost as if he didn’t want me to leave.  As soon as I closed the door behind me to leave I can hear him start to cry.  Animals know us and are so use to us being there.  Once we leave they never know if we are coming back.  My parents always say my dog laid on my bed and still slept there every night as if I was still there.  It’s truly heartbreaking to think about. Our pets are like family.  But the best moment is coming back after a couple of months being at school and having our pets see us.  They react like it has been years instead of just two months.  You should always remember to give your pet an extra hug when saying goodbye next time, because they do miss you more than you think.

I’m sure everyone who leaves a pet behind when they go to College has a similar experience and story.  It would be great if you could share your story with ChargerNation and we’ll publish it in the next newsletter.  Just forward your experience to