Larissa Sanchez

What the holiday season means to me as a college student

The holiday season is a time I look forward to halfway through the semester.  Although I enjoy school, sometimes I think about winter break a lot. I get so busy during the semester that I barely have time to visit with my family and friends. So once the holiday season comes I finally get to spend quality time them.  At the beginning of the semester I use to visit my grandmother almost every day because her health was an issue, however halfway through the semester I wasn’t able to visit her as frequently as I wanted.  She jokingly told my mother that I abandoned her. Of course, she was joking but I’m sure there was some truth in her joke.  One of the best parts of the holiday season is I finally don’t have to worry about getting started on a paper or a project which is due soon, or what homework is due the next day or what test I have coming up. It’s a time to relax and do nothing.  The end of the semester is so stressful, that I value the holiday season so much. Winter break is coming and I am so excited to be able to be with family, friends and be stress free.  For me the holiday season is all about my family, friends and getting a brief break from the stress, at least for a couple weeks before I have to take a winter course.  I’ll take the brief respite because I get to see me family.

When you were in College what did the holiday season mean to you? Email us at and let us know.