Non-Profit Board Members Get Tips on How to Become More Effective

Michael G. Daigneault, CEO of Quantum Governance, presented information to non-profit board members on how to become more effective during a January 11, 2018 Palisades Institute Forum.

During a Palisades Institute Forum called “Good Governance,” non-profit board members learned how to become more effective and more strategic in their planning. Presenter Michael G. Daigneault, CEO of Quantum Governance, discussed how to rejuvenate non-profit boards and how to attract millennials during the January 11, 2018 forum in the Lawrence Room of Rosary Hall.

Board members today, he said, need to think in a new way and consider three different perspectives – fiduciary, strategic, and generative.  Daigneault explained what he meant by generative thinking. “That is asking the really hard, underlying value questions surrounding your organization. Why do we exist? What are we here for?  Who are we really trying to serve?  Are we really serving them capably and well?”

The aim of the Palisades Institute of Dominican College is to encourage leaders in business, government, and not-for-profit agencies to integrate the concepts of leadership, quality, and ethics to achieve long-term success.