Students Learn Life Lessons from Former NBA Executive at Basketball Tip-Off Dinner

The Dominican University men’s and women’s basketball team’s with Tip-Off Dinner speaker Kevin Carr and Trustees Michael McLaughlin and Joe Charles

A former NBA executive was the special guest speaker at the 2022-2023 Dominican University NY Basketball Tip-off Dinner.  Kevin Carr, a former NBA Vice President and the Founder and CEO of PRO2CEO LLC, shared the lessons he has learned throughout his life with the men’s and women’s basketball teams.  He was an engaging speaker who held the student’s attention by often yelling out questions to the students and making them repeat the answers. 

Carr explained that he grew up in the projects and his parents had a total of 10 marriages among them. His mom dreamed of a better life and moved the children to Florida so that she could work at Disney.  She successfully built a career for herself there and insisted that Carr read and studied.  Carr’s brother became a college football player, but unfortunately did not have a back-up plan when he was injured, so he dropped out of school.  Carr regrets that his brother didn’t get the help that he needed. 

“What am I saying to you as young student-athletes? Ask for help if you are struggling,” said Carr.  “Talk to your parents, talk to the counselors, talk to the support office, wherever it is, if you have a problem while you are in school.”

Carr encouraged the students not to go to school to play ball, but to go to school to graduate, and stressed that talent is not enough.  By staying focused, and keeping out of trouble, Carr eventually became a successful NBA executive.  However, he later decided to create a new company PRO2CEO so that he could work out of his home and have more time for his family.  PRO2CEO is a is a career transition and business development consulting firm. 

The message to the student-athletes was that there are many ways to be successful in life. “It’s amazing to be an NBA player, but it’s also amazing to be an awesome Dad and awesome son, to be an awesome best friend,” said Carr.   

The Tip-Off Dinner was held at the Pearl River Saloon on November 3, 2022 and is an annual tradition to celebrate the beginning of the basketball season.